Trader Joe’s Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers Reviews

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With black beans and roasted corn.

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers Reviews

  1. gloria

    Great for a frozen burger and perfect for a quick bite. I’ve crumbed it up and used it like taco meat on a tortilla as well

  2. Morgan

    So good with Guac and trader joes cowboy caviar. My non-vegan friends/family even enjoy them.

  3. Ttrockwood

    Best prepared on the stovetop, too delicate to grill. Nice crispy texture outside and flavorful quinoa mix insides. I like these best as is ontop of a salad with sliced avocado.

  4. Dorothy

    This cowboy burger is the final rung to vegetarian heaven.
    They taste like nothing else: Gorgeously spiced (and I don’t even like quinoa) and they crisp up dark and crunchy outside, stay soft inside, when made on a non-stick pan on very low heat.
    I bought a dozen boxes last November (48 burgers) and froze to last the winter ; had to ration, otherwise we’d be demolishing a box every few days.
    When my supply started to run low, I used one or two burgers in scrambled eggs/omelets, topped with a little cheese and fire-roasted tomatos. My hubby couldn’t get enough of this.
    I also crumbled one or two burgers (first crisped up on the pan or just defrosted) into eggplant/pasta/tomato sauce dishes. Sensational!

  5. Joel

    Loved it. Didn’t know what to expect. I ate it without a bun and a little ketsup to go with homemade salad. I have to go out and get more-simply delicious!

  6. Pauline Smith

    The veggie burgers are delicious but they are a trigger for acid reflux so can’t eat them anymore. Darn!

  7. Kim

    Even the non vegetarians in my household love these. They are so addicting. Only problem is I can’t find them in Peabody or Saugus Ma stores. Please TJ’s start carrying these again. I’m not too proud to beg

  8. Donna Stavis

    I love them. I cook them in the oven, on very high heat. The outside is breaded and crispy. The inside is soft. It’s a bit spicy.

  9. Anonymous

    Love these! I usually have it with avocado for a very filling meal.

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