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31 reviews for Trader Joe’s Quadruple Almond Butter Cookies Reviews

  1. Becky Darida

    So crispy, so almondy and oh so yummy. If you have will power, buy em. If you don’t, split them up and share. If not…………..THEY WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Erin Black

    These are so yummy!! I supply cookies for our break room at work and these are by far the new favorite choice of our team members. I put out a tub and they are gone within the day! Great almond flavor and great for dunking in coffee, tea, or milk. Enjoy them!!!!

  3. Sharon Walker

    Super Yummy. Highly addicting!! Unbelievable almond flavor. They won’t last long so get two. Definitely recommend

  4. Rose E

    One of the best cookies we have ever bought at TJ’s. We dare you not to eat the entire container in one night!

  5. DebKM

    Just bought these for the first time and they were so GOOD that I won’t waste my money buying almond cookies anywhere other than Trader Joe’s!!!

  6. Heather Harris

    Fantastic! I wasn’t sure about them when I first bought them but my first bite had a buttery, alomondy taste I couldn’t eat enough of! My only question is do they still have them in stock? They are great with coffee, milk, and even wine.

  7. Nicole

    It is literally cookie crack

  8. Terri

    Of ALL the cookies and treats at Trader Joe’s, these are my favorites. And not just mine, either.

    I work in a high school. Several times a year, I buy random containers of TJ’s treats to put on the table for the teachers of our department.

    Hands down, the Quadruple Almond Cookies are everyone’s favorites.

    BUT…the last couple of times I went to find them, they were no where to be found. The TJ crew member went to look them up, and when he came back, he told me the saddest news: THEY’VE BEEN DISCONTINUED!??!

    Say it isn’t so, Joe.
    Pleeeease say it isn’t so…

  9. Keith William Allison

    Please don’t discontinue them!!! 🙂

  10. hilary

    don’t discontinue please!!

  11. Luana Carey

    The best store-bought cookies ever. Why on earth would TJ discontinue them. Please return them to the shelves.

  12. Jennifer Barkulis

    I am beyond upset that TJ’s has again, discontinued one of the greatest items I have ever eaten! I honestly couldn’t be more disappointed with TJ’s decision than I am right now. I only wish I knew what kitchens were actually behind this product so I could source them somewhere else.

  13. Keith William Allison

    Almost EVERYONE Loves these awesome cookies!!! Please bring them back!!!! Have a heart–be awesome yourself–bring them back!

  14. Loren Enstad

    I was shocked when TJ’s told me they were discontinued! There is no other cookie in their inventory that comes close to them. Please bring them back!!!!

  15. Colonel

    Why did you discontinue the best store-bought cookies in the world? For the love of Cookie Nation, please bring them back!!!

  16. Jason Gonzales

    A shame these were discontinued. They were the perfect cookie! All the other cookies you sell have chocolate in them or other junk. Not sure how such a basic cookie can go out of production. Must be a resource/material issue. I hope they come back someday, if they do I will by 100 containers!

  17. Bruce Sano

    Please bring them back.

  18. Emily Zeis

    WHY DID YOU DISCONTINUE???? These were the BEST cookies. Please bring them back! Lots of disappointed people!!

  19. Jan

    Just went in to Trader Joe’s today for first time in several months…closest one is an hour away. Was DEVASTATED to find out the Quadruple Almond cookies were discontinued. They are absolutely the best cookies and the reason I even went to TJs. PLEASE bring them back!

  20. Yolanda Vazquez

    This is the second time TJ has gotten rid of a great cookie! I went in specifically for these cookies only to find out they’re discontinued.

    I won’t be going in nearly as often anymore. They get rid of everything I like.

  21. Bev P

    OMG. …found these cookies in Sarasota in Feb 2019, when we got back to Buffalo, bought them several more times. Went to get them again and found they have been discontinued. I am sad. My favorite cookie ever. And I am not a cookie person, but these, I couldn’t stop eating.

    TraderJoes …lease bring them back.

  22. Karen

    How could you discontinue my most favorite cookie (Quadruple Almond Butter Cookies) in the whole world? I introduced them to my brother a few months ago when visiting him. And now that he’s addicted to them, he can’t find them. These were my main reason for going to TJ and I would always buy other things I saw while there. You will sell less to me now as a result. I don’t like the Dark Chocolate and Almond Cookies so they aren’t an alternative. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK so my brother and I can get our almond cookie fix!

  23. Samantha Rodriguez

    Bring this cookies back! They are literally the reason I go to Trader Joe’s
    Please please please

  24. Stacy Ale

    These are my favorite cookies in the world and I can’t believe you’re getting rid of them. They’re my mother-in-law’s favorite cookie, too. We’re very disappointed. 🙁

  25. Mary Altizer

    Where can I find these cookies somewhere else? These cookies were the main reason that I go to TJ. Why, why would you discontinue such a popular and delicious cookie?

  26. S J Lauria

    1st blow: Best-ever Corn Chowder (barrel-shaped can) was discontinued 4-5 years ago
    2nd blow: Cookie-connoisseurs’ Quadruple Almond Butter Cookies so recently discontinued
    Would consider a deal-with-the devil to bring one or both
    back into production. Please, TJ’s, I’m begging you … at least these cookies!

  27. NancyM

    Please considering bring back these wonderful cookies – OR, give us the recipe!!!

  28. sarah s

    PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!! This was the main reason I went to TJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been mourning this lost since they were discountinued

  29. Keith William Allison

    Please bring back those awesome cookies–Please!!! I know, pretty much without a doubt, that you haven’t forgotten about them!!!! <3 😀 😀

  30. Lee

    Why did you discontinue these yummy cookies?? Missed them…please bring them back…

  31. carole


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