Trader Joe’s Almond Snowman Cookies Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Almond Snowman Cookies Reviews

  1. Kathy Myers

    I love these cookies. I bought at least 49 boxes year before last and was devastated when Trader Joe’s didn’t have them last year. Bring them back!

  2. Wes

    These almond cookies are pretty good! First of all, the shape is really cute and fun to eat – snowman cookies are perfect for a simple dessert to bring to holiday parties.

    The texture is great – hard enough to not fall apart/be crumbly, but not biscotti-level crunchy.

    Flavor – very strong almond flavor. I would have liked it a little bit more if the almond flavor was a tiny bit more subtle, but still good and an overall 4 star cookie.

  3. Lena

    My daughter loves these cookies — a definite kid-pleaser. They’re great because they’re tasty, but not so addictive that you can’t put them down.

  4. Anderson

    These cookies are pretty good, but for me they were a little too simple. It was missing something. But over all, tasty.

  5. Carlos

    These cookies have a good flavor but they were kind of dry and too simple. Almost kind of depressing. They should have added some color.

  6. Shar

    Thank you so much for bringing back the Almond Snowman cookies! We love the flavor and cute design. They are reminiscent of the Girl Scout Trefoil Scot Teas cookies from my childhood.
    I found them today at a local Trader Joes. I wish they were available earlier in the season. They make great Christmas gifts!

  7. Jeanne Zylber

    Love these cookies! I dipped the hat part in melted dark chocolate as a finishing touch.

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