Trader Joe’s Portuguese Custard Tarts Reviews

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Sold in the frozen section.


28 reviews for Trader Joe’s Portuguese Custard Tarts Reviews

  1. Sandra Markowitz

    Yummy!! Just the right amount of crispy flaky pastry filled with the perfect amount of not too sweet delicious custard. Add a dash of cinnamon to your out of the oven tartlets and they taste just like some of the best “pasteis de nata” that you will ever taste in Portugal.

  2. Terri

    Delicious! I recommend patient waiting and cooking in the oven as opposed to microwave to get the nice flakiness on the crust-light and creamy-taste like authentic natas-the perfect desert when you want something special and not too sweet

  3. Maria calado

    Trader Joe’s did not disappointed me it’s absolutely delicious with an awesome crispness to it and the right sweetness , just dust a little cinnamon powder to it at the end of baking time and you got yourself an authentic Portuguese Pastel de Nata

  4. Rute Janeiro

    Im Portuguese and I just tasted them. Delicious!

  5. Stu

    OMG – These are the real deal. We had them nearly every day of our 6-week visit to Portugal. We’re fortunate to have a Portuguese bakery nearby that makes them, but TJ’s are BETTER. I let them thaw in the box overnight on the counter. The best way to warm them is with a toaster oven, Center Rack, without the foil cup. for 3 minutes +/-
    As stated above, they can be served with a dusting of cinnamon or not. I can never decide, so I duct 1/2 of each.

  6. Carlos

    I traveled to Portugal about 2 years ago and had several different pasteis de nadas (and bifana sandwiches too.). I purchased the ones from Trader Joe’s a few days ago. I’ve had them hot and warm. They are really light, flaky, not to sweet, and tasty. I would highly recommend!

  7. Maureen Fonda

    Just got back from my TJ’s in Wayne, PA and they don’t have them. Dying to try them.

  8. Dennis D

    These are very delicious!!

  9. Anonymous

    They are delicious but only 3 stars because they need to do a better job with packing safety, the tarts are simply in a box without tampering protection.

  10. Kat

    OMG! Ever since my Portugal trip 2 years ago I have longed for these! Then I heard about these! They are fabulous so stock up they fly out of the store. I am going to try another reviewers way of cooking them. Thaw in frig overnight then heat in oven a few minutes. Yum!

  11. G D

    I was told by the store this are seasonal. I bought 4 packs then went back folowing week and they all gone.
    Please Stock this as regular item..This item sells realy good someone should take note!

  12. joyce

    I can’t believe when you find a product like this that is so good and then go back to get more, you are told it is seasonal. I moved from Union County, where there are several places to purchased them from to Ocean County that has very few good ethnic delis to purchase items like the Custard Tart. Please Trader Joe restock soon.

  13. joyce

    I can’t believe when you find a product like this that is so good and then go back to get more are told it is seasonal. Please Trader Joe restock soon and don’t make them seasonal.

  14. joyce

    I can’t believe when you find a product like this that is so good and then go back to get more are told it is seasonal. Please Trader Joe restock soon.

  15. Barbara Romen

    The egg tarts should not be seasonal!!! They’re a crowd-please and very similar to the ones baked in Portugal. It’s hard to fathom why because they sold out immediately in the 3 different TJ’s I shop at in Chicago. Very disappointing when a great new product is introduced, then discontinued as with the TJ’s frozen shrimp toast that was temporarily available.

  16. Mike Ortiz

    I heard you are planning to put a Trader’s Joe here near Erlanger, Kentucky, not far from where we live and I can’t wait long enought so that I can go and buy the Portuguese Custard Tarts ( NATA ) that I have been looking for around here and online and I can’t wait long enought ( unless I take a plane and fly to Portugal ) .!/!* let me know as soon as you put your roots in this area…!!! Obrigado !

    ps: I taste one while visiting my step daughter in New York

  17. Martha

    Brst dessert at Trader Joes and as good as the ones in Portugal. Please say Trader Joes will keep them in the store!

  18. Arlet

    Yes please bring these back as regular item! I was so sad when these were told it was seasonal!

  19. Neli T.

    Is it WHY these tarts were DISCONTINUED, because of our 5/out of 5 ratings???

  20. DK

    when back

  21. bread

    So so, I tried them microwave, and oven and found them to be a bit flavorless. I really like egg tarts and have tried most of the ones in NYC china town and in LA. From the microwave they take like rubber eggs without flavor. From the oven less rubbery but still lack that fresh egg flavor. I really wanted to live these but just was a fail for me.

  22. Derek

    I wished they bought it back! Reminds me of being in Lisbon!

  23. Dikran

    My local stores in Chatsworth, Ca.and West Hills Ca. don’t stock this item I am sad

  24. Anonymous

    So glad that these are back. They are so similar to the ones I had in Lisbon. They are also cheaper than the ones in Lisbon

  25. Penny

    These are wonderful! Flakey crunchy crust and delicious custard filling. Not quite the same “egg custard” as the ones at the bakery but very similar and bottom line, this is a wonderful dessert that’s light and satisfying

  26. Kat

    Loved these in Portugal and TJ’s come close to perfection. Got to grab them quickly as they sell out.

  27. Pedro Lopes

    I’m portuguese and I can tell you these are the real thing. Crispy pastry, rich but not too sweet custard, it rivals some of the best I’ve ever tasted back in Portugal. Thanks for bringing these over to the US Trader Joe’s!

  28. Maureen Lynch

    Good but too sweet

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