Trader Joe’s Portuguese Custard Tarts Reviews

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Sold in the frozen section.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Portuguese Custard Tarts Reviews

  1. Sandra Markowitz

    Yummy!! Just the right amount of crispy flaky pastry filled with the perfect amount of not too sweet delicious custard. Add a dash of cinnamon to your out of the oven tartlets and they taste just like some of the best “pasteis de nata” that you will ever taste in Portugal.

  2. Terri

    Delicious! I recommend patient waiting and cooking in the oven as opposed to microwave to get the nice flakiness on the crust-light and creamy-taste like authentic natas-the perfect desert when you want something special and not too sweet

  3. Maria calado

    Trader Joe’s did not disappointed me it’s absolutely delicious with an awesome crispness to it and the right sweetness , just dust a little cinnamon powder to it at the end of baking time and you got yourself an authentic Portuguese Pastel de Nata

  4. Rute Janeiro

    Im Portuguese and I just tasted them. Delicious!

  5. Stu

    OMG – These are the real deal. We had them nearly every day of our 6-week visit to Portugal. We’re fortunate to have a Portuguese bakery nearby that makes them, but TJ’s are BETTER. I let them thaw in the box overnight on the counter. The best way to warm them is with a toaster oven, Center Rack, without the foil cup. for 3 minutes +/-
    As stated above, they can be served with a dusting of cinnamon or not. I can never decide, so I duct 1/2 of each.

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