Trader Joe’s Perfectly Pickled Pups Review

(23 customer reviews)

Mini uncured beef franks coated in dill pickle flavored batter and breading.


23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Perfectly Pickled Pups Review

  1. Tamara Love

    Discovered these in Trader Joe’s before the Super Bowl, served them and they were a huge hit! Perfect little bites of pickle flavored batter surrounding the yummy pup! Excellent with a cold beverage!

  2. Elle :)

    these went perfectly next to my charcuterie board! perfect level of crunch and pickle flavor, would definitely recommend :)))

  3. JA

    Gross, who wants pickle flavored hot dogs!?

  4. tenderloin tom

    Not vegan

  5. Anonymous

    Sooo good!!

  6. ram porker

    best dipper in chewing tobako fluidz

  7. Jenny

    WAYYYY better than the pickle flavor falafel, great blend of breading to hot dog, and excellent paired with traditional yellow mustard. Hope these stick around, only complaint only two servings! 🙁

  8. Healthy Man

    These taste very good and they will make people even fatter, very good snack for fat unhealthy people!!

  9. gina

    HORRIBLE, tiny dry hotdogs with NO PICKLE, just pickle flavoring. Do yourself a favor, buy some regular corn dogs and eat them with a REAL dill pickle.

  10. Anonymous

    Even my kids loved them!

  11. Jen

    Wasn’t sure how these would be but I loved them! Just the right amount of pickle flavor! Also, they were even better when dipped in mustard. I plan on having these the next time I have people over as part of my appetizer board.

  12. Anonymous

    We thought they were great. Some Dijon mustard and they were a hit!!!

  13. Samara D

    I personally think these a delicious and instead of dipping them in mustard, I dip them in ketchup. I believe they have the perfect amount of sour so ketchup adds a perfect sweetness.

  14. Anonymous

    Beyond tasty!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Truly the saltiest thing I have ever tasted. No nuance to the taste/very little flavor to it, just flat out mini sodium bombs

  16. Amada

    SO salty! I tried to by pass them with a dipping sauce, but couldn’t. Won’t buy again 3/10

  17. Anonymous

    A little salty but a hotdog usually is. Everyone in my family lovveddd them.

  18. Anonymous

    Waaaaayyyy too salty. Can’t taste anything but salt. Won’t get this again.

  19. Jojo

    Not good at all and doesn’t pair well with any dipping sauce

  20. Anonymous

    A little salty but amazing!!

  21. Anonymous

    My husband ate the whole box!!

  22. SW

    OMG. What a absolutely horrible taste to these snack bombs! Had to separate the dogs from the breading to salvage any food value. No dipping sauce will mask the horrendous attempt at dill pickle flavor. Pair these up with the icky tasting Jelly Belly jellybean “Bamboozled” flavors. This is a food made for “I Dare You” games.

  23. Anonymous

    Everyone loved them!

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