Trader Joe’s Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix Reviews

  1. c

    Followed recipe, one stick of butter and one egg and the mix is too dry. I cannot make a dough.

  2. Pamlyn Hill

    There has to be something wrong with the directs and required ingredients. I followed the directions, one stick of butter and one egg and the mix is too dry to make a dough. Came online to see if this is a problem others have noticed and it appears that it is problem with the mix and not me this time. lol

  3. Kristin

    Delicious. Yes, the mix seems dry, but it is fine. Use your hands to get it into balls. It is OK if they are a little crumbly. The cookies will spread when you bake them, so leave plenty of room between cookies.

  4. Wendy Lahr

    The dough is too crumbly and doesn’t come together. I think you would get better results if you skipped this weird Trader Joe’s mix. Just whip up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough using the traditional Tollhouse recipe and then add some chopped peppermint candy cane bits.

  5. Carol

    Like the other commenters I cannot make a dough out of this mix. I was hoping that the reviews might have some suggestions on how to make this mix work. Even trying to make it work with my hands doesn’t work as it is too dry. I will try to add some liquid to see if that helps.
    Update- I added 1/2 cup water to the mix. Unfortunately the cookies spread out too much on the cookie sheet into one big oddly shaped cookie. (It did taste good , though.) 1/3 cup water might have worked. Very disappointed.

  6. Anonymous

    So glad I am not the only one who had difficulty with this mix. The ingredients don’t do anything to make a dough. Added a half stick of butter and they came out flat as can be.

  7. Sam

    I had the same issue with the batter. Turned out it just needs a really long mix time. Came together after about 10 full mins on a stand mixer

  8. LMN

    I too questioned the ingredients for this mix and it turns out the key is to mix by hand. I used a hand mixer to cream the butter/egg, then incorporated the dry mix with a hard spatula. Then I wore food-safe gloves to “knead” everything into a dough. I also sprinkled the gloves with warm water and that seemed to help everything soften up. I used a small cookie scoop (melon ball size) to portion the dough and placed on parchment paper to bake. Since they were smaller I got 3 dozen cookies out of this, just the right size imo and yummy!


    Once I was able to get the dough to a crumbly consistency, after several minutes using my stand up mixer, these came together just fine. They are delicious!

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