Trader Joe’s Pfeffernüsse Cookie Mix Reviews

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German style spice cookies made with molasses and rolled with powdered sugar. Just add water, butter, and eggs to bake.

14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pfeffernüsse Cookie Mix Reviews

  1. Lola

    Ugh. I love many things TJ’s but these are a bust. I used 1 stick whipped butter and 1 egg as instructed to the mix and stirred and stirred … and nothing. No dough. Clearly needed either more liquid or more butter, and when the instructions for a box mix are that wrong, something’s off. I wound up adding an extra 1/4 cup butter. Need not have bothered. The taste and texture are sooooo disappointing. Throw ’em out and buy the box cookies instead. I’m so sorry.

  2. Ivan

    Same, maybe the dough is meant to be very very crumbly…but I added about a 3rd of stick more butter (about 1/4th cup or slightly less), and while the cookies are okay…they are not great sadly. Chewy but a bit tough.

  3. Anonymous

    I have no problems making this. The only thing I did different then the box instructions was used melted butter instead of whipped. Balled them up twice as big as the box to make 15 cookies instead and adjusted the cooking time for a bit longer since my cookies were larger. Came out perfect, so good. I missed them having these cookies. I like the mix, I’d rather have them fresh. I hope they come out again this fall.

  4. Cynthia Meyer

    Easy to make and very delicious.
    We use two boxes, so we doubled the ingredients…..
    Whip the butter in a blender, add egg in the cookie mix, mixed-till chunky dough forms, we made one sheet small, one sheet medium, and one sheet large.
    After baking, let completely cool, put the sugar mix in a bowl and gently toss, so perfect, one of my favorite cookies.

  5. Jennifer Spooner

    The mix has an excellent shelf life, was easy to make, and tasted delicious. I bought the mix in November 2020. The box sat in my pantry until Thanksgiving 2021. Made them for Turkey Day and they tasted great.

  6. Lynn

    I added extra spice especially ginger. These were excellent. No problem if you cream the butter and then add egg and flour mixture. These need to be crumbly. I have even wondered if you can roll out as dough and then use my pfefferkok. special rolling cookie cutter to make crisp cookies

  7. Susan Weston

    I’m so sad TJ’s doesn’t have this mix this year! I made several batches of these last year, always to rave reviews! Please bring these back, Joe!

  8. Sherry Hankins

    My family and absolutely loved these but sadly couldn’t find them this year. Easy and didn’t taste like boxed mix.

  9. TC

    Love them.. My TJ’s sadly said they have been discontinued, so snap ’em up if ya find em.. Cause there GONE!

  10. Olivia

    These are amazing. I do not understand why some people had to add more butter or liquid. The instruction worked very well, the dough mixed in literally 1 minute and was nice consistency (followed the instruction on the box). They are delicious, not too sweet, very balanced. AWESOME product. Just made them yesterday from a package that was lost in my cupboard since the last year, the mix held well. I would get more of this product, but is not available at my local TJs.

  11. H-M

    Super crumbly and wouldn’t hold together so I added a 2nd egg. The consistency came out perfect after baking: soft and chewy. I also rolled dough in the powdered sugar before and after baking. They are quick, easy, and taste good. I’ll buy again but will add extra ginger next time as they are pretty tame for a spice cookie.

  12. Nancy Kiley

    My new favorite cookie. Absolutely love them. I see some bad reviews and my only guess is you don’t like spice or gingerbread cookies? I need to find these. Lol

  13. Suzan Dianne Green

    What a colossal disappointment that there are no more premade TJs Pfefferneusse. December =TJs Pfefferneusse cookies. FOR DECADES. Even people who didn’t like pfefferneusse and /or powdered sugar (me) loved them
    Between that and the discontinuing of Eggplant Tahini and the incredible fig bars (not TJs) I haven’t shopped at TJs all year until a week ago when I found the vegan Tzatziki. Really good but it doesn’t make up for the loss of Pfefferneusse

  14. Judi

    Think the mix is excellent. Just like my homemade.will need to search for more!

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