Trader Joe’s Paperwhite Bulb in a Glass Vase Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Paperwhite Bulb in a Glass Vase Reviews

  1. Connie Giddeon

    These paperwhites were a disappointment because only two blooms appeared. I followed the directions with the water and light. The bulb got so heavy with the green stems it fell over and was out of water for a while (I was not home when this happened). The directions did not tell what to do with this after it blooms. I am a regular shopper at Trader Joes and love almost everything they have. I probably won’t buy any more bulbs there.

  2. Haley

    Perfect! Tons of flowering blooms, extremely low maintenance, and beautiful!

  3. PR Ferr

    Did not bloom at all. Leaves grew and got so heavy that it kept falling over. Followed directions. Disappointed!

  4. Bethany

    I’ve bought paperwhite bulbs from TJ’s for two years in a row. This is the second year running with zero blooms from the bulbs. I’ve had good luck with other bulbs (tulips, amaryllis) from TJ’s, so this is very disappointing. I won’t buy these again. I had initially intended these to be a gift and I’m very glad I didn’t gift them. I do live in a cold climate (Minnesota) so maybe that’s a factor. Hopefully TJ’s will look for another supplier.

  5. Judith Francomano

    Never had a blossom
    About 18 inches high. Drooping over. Edge of leaves turning brown!

  6. Gloria

    Only one little bloom and the leaves got tall and dropped over. Very disappointed.

  7. Marcy Kaplan

    I bought this in mid-December and never got a single bloom. Now the stalks are falling over because they are too tall/heavy to support themselves.

  8. Anonymous

    I bought 3 and they all bloomed. They smelled wonderful. I am looking how to save/transplant the bulbs.

  9. Kim

    These worked perfectly! Put them in a window and both plants bloomed beautifully!

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