Trader Joe’s Tulip Bulbs Reviews

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Imported from Holland.

2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tulip Bulbs Reviews

  1. Pam McGrath

    I picked up one of these glass Trader Joes Tulips for $9.99 about 2 weeks ago. Since that time they have bloomed beautifully and the color and shape is amazing. They are red with yellow tips. In order to keep them as as possible, I replaced the water every 3 days with fresh water. Not sure if this is recommended, but I did it. Love these! Totally recommend to brighten your room!

  2. Stace

    I received Trader Joe’s tulips bulbs as a gift one week ago. They were beautiful when I received them- then the pedals fell off and that was the end. Bulbs dont’t regrow.

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