Trader Joe’s Original Lemonade With Pulp Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Original Lemonade With Pulp Reviews

  1. Wes

    I loved this. I don’t drink lemonade very often, but when I do I like the sweeter-tasting kind, not something super sour. I really liked this one as a result. People who are looking for something more sour might not be as into it, but I thought it was good.

  2. Lena

    I wish it was a little more tart, but it’s good nonetheless.

  3. Gina

    If I could give this -0 stars I would… tastes like nail polish remover and a late night fire pit mixed together. I think I would prefer the taste of my own urine over this lemonade.

  4. Richard Dodd

    My favorite lemonade. I add fresh lemon 1/4 to add additional tartness and flavor.

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