Trader Joe’s Organic White Truffle Potato Chips Reviews

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Made with Italian White Truffles and Fleur de Sel sea salt.

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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic White Truffle Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Wes

    I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘real’ truffles, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with these, but I always like trying new interesting TJ’s chips.

    The flavor was a little off-putting at first — pretty strong, almost reminded me of a bell pepper type of ‘burnt’ taste. However, once I got used to it, it was kind of tasty. I think I’m just not a big fan of truffles, but if you like them or truffle oil flavor, you’ll probably love these. The chips themselves have a good crunch and taste.

  2. Megan

    Love these sooo very much!

  3. Sharon

    Soooo good! If you love Trader Joe’s truffle cheese, these will make you really happy. They’re delicious! I’m not a big potato chip lover, but these are something else!

  4. Lea

    I ate the entire bag in 2 days. Huge fan of truffle fries. Very dangerous purchase

  5. Teniese

    These are literally amazing and I’m sad they are seasonal. You can taste the truffle and they melt in your mouth!

  6. Reilly

    Delicious. However….I have never felt sicker in my entire life.
    I only had like 7 chips.

  7. Keith

    I admit I only had things with black truffles before and imitation truffle flavor, and I really enjoyed these. I ate more than half the bag right outside the store, the rest when home. Delicious truffle flavor. Not a fan of salt though, would have liked less.

  8. Sha Puck

    The taste is VERY strong of roasted garlic and salt. I enjoyed the flavor for the most part, but after a few snacks my stomach was upset every time so I will not be purchasing again…

  9. W.R. Bill Bailey, PhD.

    A lot of truffle products out there but these “crisps” (tip of the hat to the Brits) are the best we’ve ever eaten. We live in the PNW but have a villa in Orvieto frequented often as possible over the last dozen years …. huge fans of quality truffles.
    Please keep them available!!! Don’t want to make our own anymore.

  10. Wyatt Lowther

    these chips are horrible. I spit it out immediately.

  11. Latesha Weeks

    I love these chips they won’t last in my hands

  12. Ria

    Yum yumm!!
    I hope these stick around for a long time!
    The chips are just think and thick enough, not too oily, not too salty.
    The truffle smell is strong when you just open up the bag but the flavor is subtle but noticeable in a good way.
    If you’re a fan of mostly plain chips, these might not be for you, but again they are not overly saturated with a specific flavor like some chips out there.

  13. Paula the truffle oil lover

    THESE ARE FOR TRUFFLE OIL LOVERS ONLY! If you don’t know what truffle oil tastes like and/or don’t like strong mushrooms, don’t bother trying these. I don’t understand what people think they are going to taste except truffle oil and salt (and of course fried potatoes), but it never ceases to amaze me when I see “horrible” reviews here and on Amazon from people who don’t know what truffle oil tastes like. 5 stars for tasting exactly like I expected (yummy to me), but I give them a 3 star rating for their annoying bag tear style…chips should open the conventional way, so you can put your hand in the bag, rather than tear down and make a tiny opening that is almost impossible to expand. Bag is nice and heavy duty though, so you get a 3 instead of a 2 or 1 for bag.

  14. Jax

    Very rich and earthy. I love truffle fries and figured these would be great. They are okay. I don’t think I’ll buy them again.

  15. Maureen

    Absolutely wonderful! These are the most delicious chips I’ve ever tasted! Light, crispy, and bursting with flavor!

  16. Jan

    Grabbed these with nearby dried apricots and TJs Blanc de Blanc bubbly for an impromptu cheers . . . wonderful!

  17. Saa

    I absolutely love these chips and I relocated to the US from Italy! The day they’ll discontinue these will be such a sad day for me. Please carry these forever

  18. Anonymous

    Not impressed. Overly strong taste….also of garlic? Will not purchase again.

  19. Anonymous

    These are delicious, I can not stop eating them! If you do not like truffle oil, you will not like them. They taste NOTHING like garlic…like other reviewers have stated. Light, crisp, salty, truffle, crunchy, goodness.

  20. Inga

    My fave chips of all times! Honestly could eat these every day! Even now I’m thinking of them

  21. Joe

    Last 6 bags… ZERO TRUFFLE FLAVOR. Just regular potato chips!!!!

  22. Danielle Stiles

    Danielle April 26, 2024
    My Favorite Potato Chips!! I Finally FOUND MY FAVORITE THIN CHIPS THAT DOESN’T HURT MY GUMS. from being hard.

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