Trader Joe’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips Reviews

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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Ryan

    These are some of my favorite chips ever. And, like most Trader Joe’s items, they’re reasonably priced. Meaning I can get them super often – yum 😉

  2. Wes

    My favorite out of all of Trader Joe’s various types of potato chips. Be warned, though – these are super addictive!

  3. Taylar Thompson

    These are my favorite chips in the entire world! They are tart and crispy. Perfect with a veggie burger or fish nuggets. love them alone as a snack.

  4. Liam Hemsworth

    Amazing chips! Although why your at Trader Joes just buy about 4 bags because their small and very addicting. The salt and pepper chips are amazing too.

  5. Katie

    Literally Amazing – Addicted. I would give them 10 stars if I could

  6. john

    best chips

  7. Lulu

    Way too sour and salty! Maybe I got a bottom batch but wow it’s impossible to eat.

  8. Anonymous

    Seriously sour! (As salt and vinegar chips should be!) These chips and their Ginger soda has been a life saver through my pregnancy!!

  9. J

    Amazing and addictive! Best chips I have ever had. Super tangy and an excellent crunch. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  10. CL

    Theres nothing like these chips on the market. That strong sour salty flavor is so good! Please please bring them back!!

  11. Michelle Nelson

    Please bring these back. These are my favorite salt and vinegar chips of all time. We need these back!

  12. Anonymous

    Please bring these back! They are the best salt & vinegar chips.

  13. Dan

    These chips ruined all other Salt and Vinegar chips for me, and now they are discontinued?!?! Damn you Joe! Damn you to Hell.

  14. Regina

    PLEASE! Please!!!! Please bring these back!!

  15. Danielle

    Just went to buy these specifically, only to find out they are discontinued. Why would you remove such a popular and delicious product? Please bring them back!

  16. Dana

    Bring these back, please!!! My best friend is addicted to these and will not be okay until they return.

  17. Leah

    please lord trader joe bring back these chips they are my favorite thing ever and no other chips compare to them. A life without these chips is one I don’t want to live. please!!

  18. Kat

    Bring these back PLEASE!! Best salt and vinegar chips EVER!!! So salty and vinegary as they should be! I can’t find anything that comes close to Trader Joe’s salt and vinegar chips because they’re not vinegary enough for me!!!

  19. NL

    Please, please, please bring back your salt & vinegar potatoes chips! There are no others – anywhere – that can even begin to compare! I am a very longtime, loyal customer who is terribly disappointed that they are gone – PLEASE bring them back!!!

  20. EL

    Pleas please please bring these back Trader’s!!!! There is no other salt & vinegar chip that comes close to this! I used to always buy at least 5 packs a week, hubby and kiddo also loved them!!!

  21. Rebecca Martishius


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