Trader Joe’s Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk Beverage Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk Beverage Reviews

  1. alistair west

    Awesome. Nice smooth flavor. Silky. Good price.

  2. Nicki Chupek

    It froths!!! The others do not!! Our store (Woodmere, Ohio) CLAIMS they are not making soy products anymore!

  3. Jan Balcom

    This is a long-time staple in my household and I am NOT HAPPY it is again unavailable at my local TJ’s. I cannot find any other soy beverage with the same ingredient list that I want (just organic soy beans and water– no added junk).

  4. Fran

    The staple soy milk in our home for years! It’s organic and contains only soybeans and water. I’m so sad it has been discontinued.

  5. Anna Repetto

    Why, why, WHY have you guys dropped what I consider to be the BEST soy milk ever? Tragic. And, yes, it was the best frothing soy milk around.

  6. Integrals4fun

    I just tried this product and absolutely love the flavor. It is not too beany tasting like some soymilks can be, and is made with just two ingredients: organic soybeans and water. It is not filled with added ingredients such as added vitamins or minerals/flavorings. I used to buy it long ago and was excited to find it back on the shelf! Please don’t discontinue this product; organic unsweetened soymilk is currently impossible to find and this is hands down one of the best.

  7. John

    I concur that this soy milk is the best one there is. Yes, you have to shake it well, and yes it froths, and yes, unless you shake it REALLY well, you’ll be left with good soybean “curd” in the bottom of the box, but I consider these to all be signs of a pure product, I’ve been eating it without interruption for the past 5 years. Stocking up during the pandemic even more than usual of course 🙂 It’s never been discontinued in New York that I know of.

  8. Centreville VA

    I am new to non-diary products and I have tried a few brands this month. This is by far the best in terms of taste, calories, and not having added junk.

  9. tada

    This was the best vegan milk out there in the market! It’s so unfortunate that it is out of stock now and it seems from other reviews that this product has been discontinued. I have not found a replacement for this milk that is just made of soy and water without any additives. The texture of this milk was very good too. It helped me get rid of dairy in my diet. Please! please! bring it back.

  10. leslie Shane

    Some people need to drink Soy products! Nut milks can be difficult to tolerate please do not discontinue this is the only milk I drink and it has been off the shelves for months! EEKKK

  11. David Rogers

    I agree that this product needs to be back ASAP! Maybe try a 6 pack!

  12. Elena Stallings

    Awesome product with minimal ingredients. If really discontinued, it needs to come back!

  13. Barbara Leland

    I am really sad that this soymilk hasn’t been available! For those of you looking for another soymilk that only is water and organic soybeans, WESTSOY does make an unsweetened soymilk that is good. The sad news is that it’s twice as expensive. But, it’s out there…. I guess that’s what I’m going to be doing. I’ve been making my own, but it just doesn’t cut it as far as taste (too beany) and texture (doesn’t froth well.) Sadness….

  14. Dyan

    This is the best soy milk available. Great nutritional profile. Why is it always sold out? Please try to keep this in stock.

  15. Sig

    I was glad to see it back in a large display at my local Trader Joe’s store #0068 in Sunnyvale, CA.

  16. nana

    Has anyone seen this soymilk recently at San Francisco Stonestown Trader Joe’s? Thanks!

  17. Tammy

    LOVE this soy milk. Of course, we drink it but also use it in baking and to make thick, creamy yogurt with in the Instant Pot. You can’t beat 32 oz of healthy, no-additive yogurt for under $3. In 2021 and 2022, there were shortages that kind of stressed me out but I try to always keep extra on hand. Thank you Trader Joe’s!

  18. Akua Kanika

    Great product, even better price. El Cerrito had plenty on their shelves; sometimes a store is just out because of its popularity. I find that shopping at several stores is best.

  19. Pete

    Best soy milk I’ve ever had and only 2 ingredients! I always stock up when it’s available at Trader Joe’s (which isn’t always consistent at the Evanston store unfortunately)

  20. Me

    This is the best soy milk. No other stores make it like this. Made of only organic soybeans and water. Weekly staple! thanks, TJs for offering this!

  21. Ellen Wang

    My best soy milk rating: 1st Eden, 2nd Trader Joe’s, 3rd Westsoy. Pricewise, Trader Joe’s is most reasonable!

  22. MaryAnne

    This is not for the newly vegan! It tastes nothing like the soy milks they have at the standard grocery store. It’s just soy and water. And that’s what it tastes like.

  23. Robert

    The date is years away but it solidifies and clots many times after less than a week in the fridge. It comes out as like yoghurt. I don’t know if it’s gone bad like regular milk and therefore unhealthy to eat or if it’s ok. But it is totally gross

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