Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Creamer Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Creamer Reviews

  1. Jo Traydar

    Finally a no dairy coffee creamer that is plain but tastey. Prefer this over half and half =) . It tastes better and has a truely creamy texture without being weird.
    It is not flavored yay, is not syrupy, not cloying, not chalky, and isn’t gross or watery.
    But of course it’s out of stock most of the time now days. I have also noticed that the Wildwood brand of the same product is not in stock at the local $$ store.
    It seems like something is going on with the soy coffee creamers cannot seem to find any at all and certainly don’t want the gross flavored hazelnut garbage or vanilla garbage that’s available at the big-name supermarkets. I wish that Trader Joe’s could get this product again. It seemed to sell really quickly. Maybe the farmers are not producing enough soybeans because of the trade War?

  2. Gary Figueroa

    Great product. Healthy, affordably priced but… TJ Staff more than once explained to me that the “store” only allows each retail site a 3 case maximum. One case equals 12 units. So, 36 units hit the shelf and in my area are gone within an hour or two. Scan the dairy case and you’ve got multiple choices or variants of virtually every type of dairy product. Lots of “half ‘n half’, coconut creamer but soy creamer… Good luck.

  3. frank nuciforo

    I’ve not been able to enjoy coffee since Trader Joe’s creamer vanished from the face of the planet. I understand it was manufactured by Wildwood Brands but that is not available anywhere either. It is hard to believe that a product in such demand and with such a devoted following is no longer made.

  4. K.W.M.

    My morning cup of coffee sets up the whole day for me and it has to be just right. This was my favorite creamer of all time. The closest is Silk original soy creamer, though it’s a bit too sweet. Because of this and the soymilk I can no longer do one-stop shopping for the week at TJ’s but have to go elsewhere. Not good in a pandemic. So I hardly go to TJ’s anymore.

  5. Reg

    I’m so crushed that TJ’s is not carrying this creamer anymore. I agree with the last review here, I hardly ever go to TJs now that they don’t have this. Silk is the closest, but it’s not as good, and they too are having production issues. The other creamers at TJs are just awful. I hold out a small hope they’ll figure it out and start making it again.

  6. kklisures123

    Hello. And Bye.

  7. AccstoresReins

    Good choose, fast delivery time, average prices. All this words about this service. I am a customer of this service 1.5 years, like it

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