Trader Joe’s Organic Original Soy Milk Extra Reviews

(21 customer reviews)

21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Original Soy Milk Extra Reviews

  1. Kriarine R Garvey

    A great product. We used other soy milk products but this is the best.

  2. Anne

    This IS the best Soy Milk. Best tasting, easy to stock up & store and lightly sweetened- no need for sugar. Fantastic for coffee & cereal. I can’t believe it has beef discontinued

  3. Joshua

    Fantastic soymilk. The whole family loves this. Great value, perfect size and the tetrapak is an ideal container.

    Why on earth would this be discontinued without an equitable alternative?? The tiny 1/4 gallon “Soy Beverage” costs almost a dollar more for the same amount. It looks like TJ is taking advantage of a popular product to squeeze more out of customers. That’s very BIG OIL of you.

  4. charles

    Please restock and continue this soymilk! It’s better than all others (and we’ve tried them all).

  5. jon

    This product has been an absolute staple in our vegetarian household for longer than I can remember. It’s loss without a substitute will lower my incentive to shop at TJ’s.

  6. Rebecca

    So many people in the soy aisle were looking for your Soy Milk Extra. And me. You should get behind this one for your customers. Seen a lot of items come and go, but this one hurts. Will be super disappointed if you don’t make the effort to bring this back!

  7. Brooklyn

    This is the only soy product I have purchased in the last 10 years. It is a household staple. There is no replacement for it. I dont even know what to do with my life now. It’s the only thing I buy at TJs anymore. The chocolate version too. Bring it back TJs. Stop messing with my emotions.

  8. MG

    Please restock so I can enjoy my morning coffee! I have tried all other brands, including the refrigerated organic vanilla soy at TJ. It’s just not the same. Please bring back the blue box organic original soy milk at TJ !!! I used to buy 3-4 at a time weekly.

  9. Jane

    Please please restock the Soy Milk Extra Vanilla. My coffee has not been the same without it. I used to buy at least 3 cartons at a time, but have found no real alternative.

  10. Christina Saddic

    I literally almost cried when they told me this has been discontinued. Our family has tried every soy milk product we’ve come across, and none even compare to this!! I’ll drive 20 minutes past numerous grocery stores to get this soy milk. I hope you’ll reconsider discontinuing this!!!! Soy Milk Extra vanilla sweet!!!

  11. Cathy Lewis-Dougherty

    Please restock your Organic Original Soy Milk. It was a staple in our household. I’ve tried and failed to find a replacement. I always bought extra so I wouldn’t run out.

  12. Roo

    There is nothing that compares. We have all tried the other brands. They stink.
    I don’t have a reason to shop at TJ’s, since the rest of the offerings are available elsewhere.

  13. Roy Benitez

    I just miss it, along with chocolate soy milk. All the other alternatives don’t taste as good as these ones. I had family members coming from another country and they loved it too. They are visiting again and we were just talking about it. They asked me about the nice chocolate soy milk and now I’m just thinking about how good it was 🙁
    The morning cereal doesn’t taste the same, nor does the coffee

  14. Paul

    This is pretty much the only thing I buy (bought) regularly at TJ’s. It was sold at a great price point and it was a good product. Not only have they discontinued it, they also stopped selling Soy Dream, which is made by, I suspect, the same manufacturer. I wish it would make a comeback soon!

  15. Brenda

    My daughter will only drink the TJ’s Organic soy milk Extra! Please bring it back. We have tried all the others and they don’t compare. It’s the only one she will drink and misses it. She asks for it everyday! Please please please bring it back.
    Thank you,
    mother of a very distraught child

  16. Cynthia

    This soy milk was part of my childhood!! I loved going to my grandmas to eat I would finish the whole carton !! I’m so sad it is discontinued one day I went to get some and they told me it had been discontinued 🙁 please bring it back !!! I know it would be worth it for your pockets Tader Joe’s!!!!

  17. Tmo

    Please bring back this soy milk! The shelf stable version is horrible.

  18. Margie S

    Dear Trader Joes – If you want me to shop at your store, you will bring back the unsweetened organic soymilk. I am now going elsewhere since you discontinued this product.

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  20. disappointedcustomer

    I am EXTREMELY distraught. How dare you discontinue this fantastic product? Your store has not been the same in the past couple years without this organic original soy milk extra. It is the only thing that makes life worth living. I urge you to bring this product back for my well being. I have been so lost without it. I have a family to feed.

  21. flabbergasted


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