Trader Joe’s Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Herbal Tea Reviews

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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Herbal Tea Reviews

  1. Wes

    So glad that Trader Joe’s came out with their own version of Tulsi tea! Even better that it’s organic. Tulsi has some of the most health benefits of any herbal tea out there, and Trader Joe’s version is the most affordable organic Tulsi tea I’ve seen yet.

    As for the taste, it seems to have more of a “kick” flavor than others I’ve tried; maybe it’s more dense/has more herbs per tea bag. Will gladly continue to buy this and drink it for the health benefits.

  2. Anonymous

    This is one of the best teas I have ever tasted and bought several boxes at a time. Don’t let the Basil in the title fool you! Delicious!!!! I actually started buying it for other people who then bought it for themselves!! I was dismayed when I went back to TJ’s after our NY shelter in place to see that it was no longer available. As a matter of fact the manager that helped me said that he didn’t even find it on the TJ’s list. So very disappointed!!

  3. Anonymous

    This was one of the best teas I ever enjoyed! Not too strong or too weak and very calming!!!I was very sorry to find out that after NY came out of shelter in place that the tea was no longer available. As a matter of fact the manager looked and he couldn’t find it in TJ’s inventory history (?) Don’t let the Basil fool you after I tried it I was hooked! I also gave it to several friends who, in turn, bought it for themselves. I hope that one day I see it back on their shelves!!

  4. Danielle

    I agree with the other reviewer, this is literally THE BEST tea I have ever had. I just called my local Trader Joe’s and the woman who answered the phone said it was discontinued in May. I am so disappointed. I usually only buy what I need for a week or two but I am going to buy every box on the internet that I can find.

  5. Kay

    I love this tea. Why did Trader Joe’s stop selling it? Will it be coming back, or is it gone for good?

  6. Natalie

    Please bring back this tea.

  7. Michael

    Bring this tea back

  8. Stephanie Hancock

    Bring it back!

  9. TGR

    Bring back this tea. I have to buy it on Amazon now. Thanks.

  10. Angie

    Please bring back this delicious tea! If I had know it would be discontinued I would have purchased another box.

  11. Janis

    Bring back Organic Tulsi Tea. The BEST.

  12. ZwlSWFbmNh


  13. Con

    Please bring back this tea. It’s such a favorite of mine and I can’t find it anymore.

  14. CC

    Please bring back this tea! Or let us know who makes it.

  15. Christy

    Every single time I go to TJ’s I ask if they have this tea and when it will be back. If I’d only known, I would’ve completely cleaned them out the first/last/only time I saw it in stores.

  16. Al

    Could you PLEASE bring this back? Look at the great reviews and all the requests to restock it. It is clearly loved by many, including me. Please bring it back. You guys keep discontinuing all the stuff I love. 🙁

  17. Ellen

    Best tea ever! Bring it back!

  18. michael adobe

    loved the organic tulsi tea. please bring it back

  19. DADO

    Please bring this tea back – delicious and healthy

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