Trader Joe’s Organic Moringa Mango & Ginger Herbal Tea Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Moringa Mango & Ginger Herbal Tea Reviews

  1. martha valladolid

    I love this taste and wold buy more!!!!

  2. Linda M

    LOVE IT. Please try to bring it back! Great for before bedtime!

  3. M.V.

    Love it! I was so sad not seeing it on the shelf. This is such a great tea, PLEASE bring it back. Also, very healthy for you.

  4. JC

    Love this tea very much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. Was shocked to learn that it was discontinued.

  5. Kitten

    Excellent combo, terriffic flavor. Corporate please continue to sell this product relaxing tea before bed.

  6. Kitten


  7. Susan

    I LOVE this tea! PLEASE bring back moringa mango tea!! It’s healthy and tastes great with a splash of Trader Joe’s almond milk.

  8. jessa

    I agree with the above reviews. It was soooo good. I keep looking everywhere for the “name brand” of it, so far can’t find it.

  9. Karen

    I’ve been saving my last bag of this tea – drinking it finally now. Can’t understand why TJ’s doesn’t carry it anymore. PLEASE bring it back!!!!!

  10. Diane

    I love this tea. Ive been searching for more and I heard you don’t carry it. Why? It is so good. It was my go to tea everyday. The mix of flavors was so perfect. Most mango teas are too strong, moringa aren’t the best and ginger is great with anything but you could barely taste it. To me it was my sunshine!

  11. Mitzi Simmons

    Wow! This tea is so amazing! Please please PLEASE bring it back, Trader Joe’s! Outstanding taste, relaxing, and super healthy. Really REALLY want to buy more: BEST tea EVER!

  12. PJZWTsvCdm


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