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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Rosemary Plant Reviews

  1. Abriana Meazzo

    Make sure to keep it from direct sunlight when you have just bought it, and repot immediately. Mine was dying the day after I bought it, ends of the leaves burning and it was droopy when I watered it didn’t make a difference, the place I left it was in a direct sunlight window corner. I literally thought it was going to die, but I decided not to give up on it and repoted and removed it from the direct sunlight to be placed in a bright indirect sunlight place. It was successful, it became a lot healthier really fast. Trader joes should really put a care manual on all of their plants, my lavender plant I bought there died a few days after I bought it…..

  2. Geneva Hill

    My rosemary tree dried up almost instantly. When I repotted, I found it was completely rootbound with barely any soil. Not sure if it will revive. Someone I know bought one in a different store and it’s thriving and even growing in winter! So check that your plant isn’t rootbound.

    Too bad because I’ve given them as small gifts in the past.

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