Trader Joe’s Organic Mint Melange Tea Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Mint Melange Tea Reviews

  1. Wes

    This is a great tea with lots of health benefits and a nice taste to boot. Peppermint and lemongrass are good for everything from digestion to anxiety to your immune system, with spearmint having many of the same properties. Mint tea isn’t my favorite-tasting in general, but for a mint tea I really like this one.

  2. sheila solomon shotwell


  3. Jen

    I really like this tea! Please bring it back.

  4. Hakem

    One of the best herbal teas ever! I am unable to find anywhere else. Please bring it back! The available Peppermint! is not the same, and it is different product, so they won’t compete against each other.

  5. Paula

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Customers are always right – WHY WHY WHY did you discontinue

  6. Jamie

    This is a favorite for me, and our entire extended family.
    Please, please, PLEASE(!) bring it back!

  7. Tracy

    This was my favorite tea. Please bring it back. There is enough support from customers to justify bringing this back. Please!

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