Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara Sauce No Salt Added Reviews

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81 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara Sauce No Salt Added Reviews

  1. Robin

    Excellent. Did not miss the salt, the herbs were present, balanced
    and delicious. A life-saver, literally, for a low salt diet. More low
    salt no salt added products please.

  2. Charlie

    This is a great sauce for those with Hypertension. It has a great taste as well. Now I find out that Trader Joe’s has canceled further production. Please explain to all of us why they made such a decision impacting hypertensives. We request your taking an initiative to pride this product.

  3. Dean

    This was the healthiest, cleanest store bought pasta sauce available anywhere. Considering the absence of added oils and salt, both the taste and price were outstanding. Combined with clean TJ pasta, this sauce gave me back my health. Internet sources are charging 10x retail for the last few jars out there… to give you an idea of the demand. I am devastated by this decision, and am begging TJ to bring this life saving product back.

  4. Isobel Rubin

    This was delicious without salt. Why was it discontinued.? We cannot find another sauce that is with no or at least low salt. They all are loaded with salt

  5. c.tomac

    Love this sauce for the reasons the others have shared. Excellent flavor with very low sodium…great for those us us needing to lower sodium intake for high blood pressure. TJs should not have discontinued this. I beg for them to bring it back or bring in a comparable one….SOON!

  6. Marianne

    I so miss this sauce! It had a wonderful flavor and was so much better for the health and blood pressure. Have tried so many other products but none were satisfactory. I hope Trader Joe can bring back this product. I am a loyal customer and would buy lots of it.

  7. Marvin Welch

    I have been buying this no salt added marinara sauce for many years in support of a necessary low sodium diet. I was astounded today to learn from a Trader Joe associate that the company has discontinued this product. If anyone from the company reads this review site, please know that this decision is deeply upsetting and, based on other similar comments, should be reviewed and reversed.

  8. Marge

    This sauce is amazing. Please do not discontinue it. Those of us that watch our sodium are devastated that this might be gone. I know it is a good seller because so many times I have gone to buy it and the shelf is empty.

  9. Diane

    Please bring back the low salt marinara. I only recently started buying it, and was thrilled to be able to buy pasta sauce again on a low salt diet.

  10. Shelley

    This was the best sauce ever. With a very strict low salt diet, I am so disappointed it is discontinued. Please bring it back!!

  11. Richard Couch

    Trader Giotto’s Organic Marinara Sauce is not replaceable. Please bring it back. Our health depends upon it.

  12. Dennis Kern

    why did trader joe’s discontinued their no salt added pasta sauce

  13. J. O’NEILL

    Please bring back the no salt marinara sauce. It is the healthiest one I have found and it tastes great!

  14. B. Ish

    This is the only sauce I buy from TJ’s and have been doing so for many, many years. Am extremely disappointed to hear it has been discontinued. Now, the only no salt added marinara sauce available is at Sprouts — where I don’t normally shop!

  15. BP Roderick

    I really liked this no salt added spaghetti sauce. You can’t find another one like it. For those that are health conscious this is a great option. I thought Trader Joe’s was supposed to be a company that focused on healthy reasonably priced food. I am a regular customer of Trader Joe’s and I am very disappointed in this decision by your company. Please bring this back!!

  16. Missy

    This was by far the best low sodium marinara on the market. I’m upset that it’s being discontinued as this was one of the biggest reasons I shopped there.

  17. Sally Schwartz

    I was about to come and buy this for my newly diagnosed husband. Now I am going to a regular grocery store to get no sodium stuff and the rest of my groceries that I would have bought from you

  18. yvonne brum

    Main reason I shop at Trader Joe if no salt products are no longer available neither am I

  19. Carolyn Platt

    The best marinara sauce on the market for saltless flavor and price!! We miss it very much and hope that you can fill the void very soon!!!!!

  20. Owen

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! I don’t know why pasta sauce has to have so much salt. This is the only one with this low of a sodium level that I’ve ever seen at any store. Plus, it tasted great.

  21. Sheryl

    Not happy this product was discontinued. Please bring it back!!

  22. Charm


  23. mayer

    Add me to the list mourning the loss of Trader Joe’s no salt marinara. It was the only one of it’s kind that met all my needs. Please bring it back. At the very least, share the recipe for it so those of us desperate enough could make it for ourselves.

  24. GLENN

    This sauce is (was) GREAT ! It was always in demand and you can see that people liked it, so…WHY WOULD YOU DISCONTINUE A PRODUCT THAT WA SELLING WELL ?

  25. Stacy Glen Tibbetts

    Excellent “base” sauce that was great when supplemented with a bit of pesto, wine, italian sausage. Really appreciated the great taste with very little sodium and was quite disappointed when it was discontinued. Bring this winner back, Trader Joes! One of my “staple foods” until this fall…

  26. Mary B

    As others have written, was so saddened to find out this sauce was discontinued.
    Excellent flavor, no salt. Consistently great product.
    I am so sad. Please, please bring it back.

  27. Richard Waller

    I was so disappointed to find out that this product was discontinued! This no salt spaghetti sauce is the main reason I shop at Trader Joe’s. It was reasonably priced too! I must keep a low salt diet and this product was perfect. It tasted so good as well. Please bring it back! I buy several bottles regularly!

  28. Sandy Pankewer

    For years I’ve used Trader Joe’s Organic no salt added Marinara sauce everyday because I’m either cooking with it or putting it on my sandwiches, instead of ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. It’s delicious and healthy. Please put it back on your shelves soon. I just opened my last bottle.

  29. Don R Jansen

    Ate this sauce since my heart attacks in 2009. Disappointed you discontinued guess I shop some where else

  30. Ed

    We’ve been on a low sodium diet for several years and this item is a staple in our house. Will you please bring it back? Why was it discoed?

  31. P Sims

    It’s been so helpful to have this tasty sauce especially because my husband needs a low sodium diet due to heart problems. I hated to learn that it’s been discontinued. I do wish Trader Joe would reconsider this decision.

  32. K. Leslie Hammond

    Ditto to all the above. FINALLY a sauce I can add my own spices without all the sodium. I just found out today at the store this has been discontinued. The cashier even said she is asked continually when it will be in stock again. Come on – listen to the public – PLEASE ???

  33. D. Park

    I can’t believe this product has been discontinued. I would normally buy 6-7 jars at a time. It was a tasty sauce without all the salt. 55mg/serving beats 540mg. It it was about cost, I would have no issues paying more to get this back on the shelves.

  34. Phil Mazza

    C’mon TJ. There is no other low-salt sauce on the planet that matches the great flavor and price. It seems you have it in for people with Hypertension. The few low sodium products available are slowly being discontinued. First that I can recall was a spicy Hummus about 3 years ago, then two years; brooklyn pickles and now this. Next you’ll be doing away with your biggest seller, raw cranberry juice. Not a salt issue just one of your healthiest options. Hey, let’s not stop there is 2 buck chuck next ( well 3 buck’s in the east.

  35. Josh

    I was in my fifties. My cholesterol and blood pressure were both thru the roof. I was fat, exhausted, depressed… felt and looked like garbage most of the time. My doctor wanted to put me on statins and anti-depressives. Instead, I changed to a starch based, low fat, low salt diet. But I couldn’t find a low fat and salt marinara sauce anywhere, until I found this sauce. The pounds fell off (85lbs in one year) my mood shot up and my blood work improved to the point where my doctor was shocked. My BP nosedived. This product was a miracle for me… the reasonable price and convenience were key in me being able to follow through. Now TJ’s has discontinued this product. What a crushing blow to myself and these other good people who are trying to change their lives for the better. Do the right thing and bring it back!

  36. JP

    Please bring back the no salt added marinara sauce. I have to buy only no sodium products (or make from scratch) and have been buying it for years. It’s delicious, healthy and a life in our household. I have counted on being able to buy it. It’s the primary reason why I’m always in your store. We desperately need more no salt added products. This one is a keeper. Please reconsider! More healthy products will help- your brand and keep loyal customers happy.

  37. Mark

    I went to TJs today specifically to get organic marinara sauce with no salt added. I planned to buy at least 8-10 jars. I was extremely disappointed not to find it. Now, it looks like it’s been discontinued—why? For those of us who need low/no sodium (my situation is extreme) we want great tasting, healthy, reasonably priced alternatives. Discontinuing this type of product is a move in the wrong direction. You need more healthy no salt added products not less. I have bought it for years. Bring it back, please! I’m m counting on you to make the right decision and bring it back. Thank you!

  38. Joe Victors

    Please bring this hood tasting, low salt marinara sauce back. I have purchased it for years. One of the reasons I shop there.

  39. Anonymous

    Glad I found this site, I thought it was just a supply chain issue. Sounds like folks here checked with TJs. Appreciate the poster who suggested Sprouts, I found their no salt product on their website.

    With all the things I can no longer find at TJs (low sodium marinara, risoni, veg chili) I may give Sprouts another look, as I’ve never shopped there before.

  40. Sharon

    I needed a very low fat pasta sauce for my pasta, potatoes, rice and beans. The only ones I could find with trivial amounts of fat were loaded with sodium. My prayers were answered when I found this product; now it’s gone. I currently don’t have a kitchen, just a small fridge and microwave. I was losing weight and feeling much better. Now what can I do?

  41. Dana Parker

    This Marinara sauce was the best without salt with amazing flavor. PLEASE bring this sauce back…I am on a very low salt diet and post organ transplant…this was a lifesaver. Very few on the market and one that tasted amazing!!!

  42. klhdesign

    It is a shame TraderJoe’s discontinued this – it was really terrific. However, I searched far and wide and found an excellent substitute. Vitacost … spaghetti sauce. Only 25mg sodium 1/2 cup. It is really delicious. I’m not selling it – I’m just helping some people out who have the same issue I do with salts.

  43. klhdesign

    I didn’t say the brand … oops Eden Foods Organic Spaghetti Sauce … get it at Vitacost.

  44. Heart patient

    I wish they would bring this back. This and the unsalted stuffed pretzels are the reason I went to Trader Joes. Now they have discontinued both of those items. That’s what set them apart from other markets, they had healthy choices. now they are the same as the other markets near me.

  45. HOF

    Yes, this WAS excellent sauce for those of us with hypertension, and good enough that those who don’t need to eat a low-sodium diet liked it, too. If anyone from TJ’s is reading these posts, please bring it back. If you stock this product again, I absolutely will visit the store more often.

  46. HOF

    Yes, this WAS excellent sauce for those of us with hypertension, and good enough that those who don’t need to eat a low-sodium diet liked it, too. If anyone from TJ’s is reading these posts, please bring it back. If you stock this product again, I absolutely will visit the store more often.

  47. Annie

    This was excellent. The very best!!
    Why in the world would they stop production

  48. Lucero z

    This was the best, healthiest, cleanest marinara sauce in the market. I was devastated when I heard TJ stopped production. Please bring this item back

  49. Paul

    So sad the company discontinued this. You have 7 different sauces and all are high sodium! Don’t you care about the health of your customers?

  50. JP

    Please bring back the no salt added marinara sauce. It is extremely difficult to find healthy no salt added sauces. It was one of the reasons I shop at TJs and we need more, not less, healthy options.

  51. Karen in Illinois

    I too am extremely disappointed that the organic marinara sauce with no added salt has been discontinued. A staff person in the Park Ridge, IL, store checked and told me that it would eventually be brought back. I’ll believe it when I see it. I also miss the no-salt-added salsa and the low-sodium butternut squash soup (which I was told would NOT be coming back). As some others have noted, without these products, I will not be shopping at Trader Joe’s.

  52. Robert Toedebusch

    Can’t agree more with all the posts. This was my wife’s go to sauce and also one of the reasons we went to TJs. My wife was sooo disappointed to learn it was discontinued. Hopefully TJ will see that this product needs to be revived based on all of the reviews.

  53. Seth

    In case anyone was wondering, the number of convenient, pre-made marinara sauces that aren’t full of grease and salt, aren’t high priced and don’t taste like crap is now officially zero.

  54. Debb

    I am saddened that you discontinued this sauce. I used this sauce every time I made pasta. Please bring it back.

  55. Dee

    Please bring it back. Best no salt. Now I have to go on Amazon and buy an inferior sauce

  56. Adele

    I have high blood pressure controlled mostly by diet and have depended on Trader Joe’s for items including no salt pretzels, tortilla chips, balsamic vinaigrette and of course No Salt Added Marinara sauce. For the price, this sauce is irreplaceable. Please take a look at your clientele; you will notice many customers over the age of 60 and statistically speaking, many have high blood pressure issues.
    Please resume manufacture of low sodium Marinara as well as other items that would benefit customers with “low salt” needs. Think of it as helping for the better good. And what will Trader Joe’s management be eating when they get older; hopefully not most of the high sodium items in the frozen foods prepared meals section! But that’s another story for another day……

  57. Beverley Rutler

    Please , please bring this product back. I would buy 6 or 8 jars at a time and would have bought more if it was available at the time. I need this no added salt product . Can[t understand why you would discontinue it.

  58. Marianne Schneider

    My husband and I are devastated that the no salt marinara sauce is no longer available at Trader Joe’s. As a dietitian and wife of someone with heart disease, I was always grateful for the lower sodium options offered at the store and have seen them gradually disappear. My husband still mourns the TJ brand of low sodium minestrone soup as it was one of mainstays for a quick lunch. Please reconsider and bring back the no salt Marinara!!

  59. Michael N

    Trader Joe’s has eliminated many of the low and lower sodium products I came for. I am super disappointed in this being discontinued along with other products. I need these no salt added products for managing my diet for chronic kidney disease. There was another sauce that was a portabello mushroom sauce that was lower in sodium as well, just not advertised on the label. Both of these have gone by the wayside. TJs has officially eliminated all of the products that motivated me to drive 25 miles to do my shopping there. I did almost 100% of our grocery shopping at TJs during covid from March 2020 through July 2021. But not now. The products that compelled me to make the extra long drive no longer exist. I wish they would bring this back, but I will never know if they do.

  60. J Boguz

    Trader Joe’s has discontinued so many low sodium products! Why? I see no reason to shop TJs anymore. Disappointed!

  61. SF

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Our entire family LOVED it!!! All the other sauces are so high in SODIUM and it is so bad for Americans – we are overfed and undernourished and have to much salt, sugar, and fat in our Western diets. Please BRING IT BACK!!!! omg. So sad!!!!! ☹️

  62. Verna Tokarek

    PLEASE, BRING IT BACK!!! My wife and I shop there specifically because of the lower sodium products. This was one of our absolute favorites. Very disappointed with this turn of events. Who made this decision?

  63. Leon Peace

    It appears that Trader Joe’s is not at all moved by customer demand, nor motivated by concern or desire to benefit community citizens. No one from TJs has even taken the time to respond to this long list of customers requesting return of this product to the shelves. It was also good for those trying to avoid hypertension. I am also a fan of No Salt Added.

  64. kellie k

    This was the best sauce ever. The next closest I can find at TJs has 250mg of sodium. What a shame – especially for those who must restrict their salt intake. I used to buy it all of the time and add mushrooms and onions.

  65. Loni Gardette

    For goodness sake please bring this item back to the shelves. It was probably the best No Salt Added item I’ve ever found and now it is not to be found. Please reconsider your decision. Return it and see how fast it goes off the shelf which is what its all about, right!

  66. Jeffrey Serman

    I am a Pritikin Longevity Center attendee and follower. This delicious sauce is the only one I buy to put on my whole wheat pasta. I generally buy 3 bottles per store visit. How utterly sad and for what purpose did you discontinue it’s production

  67. Donald

    I follow Dr Mcdougall’s Starch solution, and it’s been a game changer for me in my late fifties. This tasty, low fat, low sodium and low priced pasta sauce allowed me to feel like my early thirties, with minimal prep time. I’ve purchased tons of the stuff, and it was always the quickest sauce to sell out on TJ’s shelves. I can’t believe it’s been discontinued… there is no alternative anywhere. I demand this product be brought back for everyone who wants to feel young again!

  68. Barbara

    Trader Joe’s low sodium Marinara Sauce was perfection! Fantastic flavor based on real ingredients and spices – no chemicals, bad oils and not loaded with salt. Trader Joe’s was the only store to offer this marinara which was as good and healthy as homemade and Trader Joe’s discontinued it! Now there are ZERO marinara or spaghetti sauce options for people who are watching their sodium intake at Trader Joe’s. All their current pasta sauces are loaded with salt and not worth buying. Please bring back the low sodium Marinara Sauce and make all of us who miss it happy – and healthy!

  69. Ellie

    It seems that TJ is moving toward more and more unhealthy foods, discontinuing amazing products like the no salt added pasta sauce but adding lots more chips, snack foods, and currently popular diet items. So disappointed that after years of shopping at TJ’s I rarely go there now.

  70. Starry

    I started buying this for my mom with a heart issue…. I always added to it to give it more wow… local hot sauce adds wow and little salt. I continued to buy it for myself until I ran out of my inventory and found out they don’t have any more.

    That product brought me in your store… when I hadn’t been before…. I always bought more while I was there…. Now I have no need to drive out of my way….. Trader Giotto’s organic Marinara Sauce-no salt added needs to come back…. PLEASE … healthly and can always be spiced up without using Salt.

  71. Jo

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE NO SALT ADDED MARINARA SAUCE!! We and obviously many others want it back!

  72. Milly

    How could Trader Joe’s discontinue the healthiest store bought marinara sauce available?? And at $2.39 a jar, it was a product to be proud of. For those of us who have gone plant based, it was the height of healthy convenience. Now all that’s left is salted lard in tomato juice. Thanks a lot.

  73. HOF

    As much as I liked this sauce, since TJ’s has discontinued it, I’ve discovered that Sprouts has no-salt added Marinara that’s BETTER. Had TJ’s not discontinued theirs, I never would have looked for or found the Sprouts sauce – so, thanks, I guess.

  74. Beverl

    This sauce was perfect. Only good option f I r no salt! I have stopped shopping at TJ’s in response to discontinuing a VERY popular and healthy item.

  75. Barbara

    PLEASE bring back the no salt added marinara sauce !!! My favorite!

  76. Lisa

    There’s no words to describe how disappointed I and my family are that you discontinued your ORGANIC, NO SALT marinara sauce. Sometimes stores make very foolish decisions and this would be one of those times. You discontinue another very healthy item. We have not used ANY other marinara/spaghetti sauce for years, ever since I discovered this. I would buy 6-10 has at a time bc it as had for me to get down there often. This sauce has been a staple for my whole family and especially for our special needs son. The flavor is amazing and always made his pureed food very tasty. We all have sodium restricted diets & I was so thrilled to know I always had this around. He himself would finish at least one jar a week mixed with his other food. You also eliminated your low salt creamy tomato soup, why? Yep heart-healthy options gone.,My 91 year old father started going to your store BECAUSE of this soup! And the low salt organic sauce was something I could only get at your store so I did lots of shopping then too. I never left without spending a minimum of $175. But now you’ve Rajendra awa another item that made me drive the extra 35 minutes so I know I won’t be there as often. Like emyou can see before me, there are many pleading with you to carefully reconsider bringing this sauce back. (The soup too). Don’t remove the healthiest options!

  77. KsK

    I agree with the masses of reviews listed above. This sauce was a healthy staple in my household for years. I was also saddened when I learned TJs discontinued this (some time ago now). I was hoping it was supply chain related, but it was not. I also agree with other reviewers that I now rarely shop at TJs, as discontinuing this product appeared to be a first step to seeing many other long term staple products being discontinued, as well. Sadly, TJs has went downhill. They used to be my favorite place to shop.

  78. Mel

    Like everyone else, very disappointed that TJ’s organic no salt added marinara sauce has been discontinued. My late husband was on a low sodium diet after having had a heart transplant, and this was the only pasta sauce we both liked. We made special trips to TJ’s just to stock up. Of course, while we were there we’d buy other products as well. After my husband passed away, I continued to buy it for myself, but now that it’s no longer carried, I have no reason to go back there. Bad move, TJ … you lost another customer.

  79. Linda Marks

    We were using this fabulous no salt added marinara sauce for years because it tasted so good. Now we’re on a low—sodium diet for medical reasons and truly are grieving its loss. Why isn’t TJ’s giving us an answer as to why it was discontined? The organic marinara sauce that’s in the stores now has 490 mg salt in half a cup! No one needs that much salt.

  80. Patty

    Another disappointing decision by TJ’s. Loved this sauce along with their low sodium salsa. I don’t shop as much at TJ’s for this reason. Why are these tasty, low sodium options discontinued?

  81. Christine G

    So it’s not just me. Unbeatable flavor & not loaded with sodium. The best sauce anywhere ,why on earth was it discontinued.

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