Trader Joe’s Organic Low Fat French Vanilla Yogurt Reviews

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Excellent source of calcium with added Vitamin D.

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Low Fat French Vanilla Yogurt Reviews

  1. Cindy Ngo

    It appears the recipe has changed along with the new container design. I don’t prefer the taste at all.

    I love the original Trader Joe’s Organic Low Fat Yogurt Vanilla Bean flavor that comes in the white/yellow container with a cow image. For years, this is the only yogurt I would eat and actually crave it from time to time. It’s not too thick, creamy and flavorful, just PERFECT in my opinion. I don’t see this version at my local Trader Joe’s anymore. I’m sad to see this replaced by the new version (white/green container).

  2. Pam K

    Not bad taste but very very soupy. Just too liquid like for me. You could almost drink it as a smoothie. Straight out of the container. Is you put anything in it, it becomes instantly soggy. Was hoping for better because the price is great.

  3. Daisy Caro-Fay

    Lots of sugar. The taste and consistency is not that great.

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