Trader Joe’s Organic English Cucumber Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic English Cucumber Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    These were not that bad. They were fantastic sliced up in a salad or as a snack but even better cooked

  2. Edward

    These are fantastic sliced in salads are sandwiches or even cooked in sautés. They’re also the most refreshing cucumbers I’ve tasted and a great way to beat the summer heat!

  3. Edward

    I bought these in the past and they’re great for beating the summer heat of July and August! So juicy, crisp and refreshing

  4. Lynn Huidekoper

    Great thinly sliced in cucumber sandwiches with chive cream cheese like the British do for high tea. Also, with thinly sliced swiss cheese. Or with tomatoes, kalamata olives, sliced onions, feta cheese and vinaigrette.

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