Trader Joe’s Organic Ciabatta Bread Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Ciabatta Bread Reviews

  1. Wes

    Excellent fresh-baked Ciabatta bread, and reasonable priced (especially for a pretty decent-sized loaf). Nice that it’s organic, too.

    Apparently this is baked fresh early in the morning (by a local baker in San Francisco) and delivered to local Bay Area stores on the same day that it’s made.

    You can definitely taste the quality — excellent heated in the toaster oven with some olive oil or butter.

  2. Jane G.

    This bread is new at bay area locations (I found it at a TJ’s location in the east bay), and as a ciabatta lover, I had to try it. Yum! It’s excellent, very fresh-tasting ciabatta bread. Being organic is a bonus. I ended up heating it for too long at first since I’m so used to buying TJ’s “half-baked” breads, but it was still really good. When I made it again without heating it for as long, it was even better — some of the best bread I’ve bought from a grocery store!

  3. Ray Velati

    The ciabatta bread is excellent and I buy it often. But I am also interested in buying Pugliese bread. When do you intend to tock the Pugliuese bread?

  4. Ray Velati

    Always buy the ciabatta bresad however I am also interested inn buying Pugliese bread……when will you stock it at the Santa Rosa, CA. store?

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