Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Cake Thins Reviews

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Thin puffed rice cakes with a sprinkle of sea salt.

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Cake Thins Reviews

  1. Deborah Vander Eyk

    the best

  2. Goose

    Best I have ever had!! So where are they? Went to two Atlanta area Tj’s and they didn’t have…only another thick white rice so didn’t buy!

  3. Christian

    The worst thing I’ve eaten in my whole life. This is where cardboard meets styrofoam. The ~20 calories consumed per “cake” must be from all the bodily fluids from the sweat shops where this atrocity was created.

  4. M W

    Love this rice cake. it’s thin, perfect for my egg salad and far cheaper than other places. Please, for those of us who love it, never discontinue this item!

  5. Amy C

    This is styrofoam! Im surprised some other people actually enjoy it? Worst rice cake/crackers Ive had! I thought these would be like the asian rice crackers, which are crunchy and delicious. This TJ one has the chew and texture that is exactly like styrofoam! No taste as well.

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