Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate Half-Coated Rice Cake Thins Reviews

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Thin puffed rice cakes covered with dark chocolate on one side.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate Half-Coated Rice Cake Thins Reviews

  1. DL

    I’ve seen other people saying that they didn’t like these and would prefer something fully covered in chocolate. I wasn’t expecting to like them that much, but I was curious. I actually think they’re pretty good! Not that they have salt in them, but they seem to have a sort of “sweet and salty” combination between the rice cake and the chocolate. I like how thin and crunchy the rice cake is, too.

    I just wish they didn’t have milk powder in the chocolate.

  2. Stephen

    I bought these looking for keto 5 gr sugar organic to boot I like very much will buy more after checking prices elsewhere

  3. TSP

    These have a satisfying & crisp bite to them. The chocolate coating is actually substantial. Probably could use some salt or a topping, but as is – pretty good.

  4. Cindy

    My daughter offered one of these to me. I’m not really a dark chocolate person so I was skeptical. Now I’m hooked almost to the point of being addicted . Delicious coating of Belgian chocolate. YUM!!

  5. Anonymous

    I love these! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so these are plenty enough chocolate for me. They pair well with a glass of red wine or other salty snacks.

  6. Dee

    These dark chocolate rice cakes are delicious! They are crunchy, just sweet enough and a Great snack.

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