Trader Joe’s Organic Bolivian Yanaloma Small Lot Coffee Reviews

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100% Arabica whole bean coffee.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Bolivian Yanaloma Small Lot Coffee Reviews

  1. Kat

    I’m afraid to rave about this coffee because then the word is out! I purchased this back in March/April and have been hoarding it ever since I made my first pot of coffee. When I went back to TJs to buy more, they were SOLD OUT! One of the best tasting coffees I’ve had the pleasure to consume. I ent online and did my homework and this is grown on a small lot in Bolivia owned by 2 brothers. The coffee itself was and is award winning in International competition-18th place I believe… Guess if you snooze you lose on this one. Bring it back every year!!

  2. Nancy Shaw

    one of the best coffees – rivals the coffee I get fresh roasted and shipped to me. Love the flavor, smooth! Hope to see it reguarly.Bring it on back any time- just let me know.

  3. Jul

    Best coffee I’ve ever had and it doesn’t create stomach problems. It’s sold out but I hope TJ brings it back soon.

  4. gretg

    I fell in love with this coffee! Please bring it back Trader Joes!!!

  5. David Norris

    My wife and I both loVe this coffee? Surprisingly smooth with full flavor. The closest TJ’s to us is 100 miles away, so I’m trying to order online.

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