Trader Joe’s Cameroon Mount Oku Small Lot Coffee Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cameroon Mount Oku Small Lot Coffee Reviews

  1. Michelle simonsen

    We buy all of our coffee at Trader Joe’s and love sampling the coffee while we shop. Came upon this coffee sample while shopping and it is now our new favorite!!

  2. Scott

    This might be my first small lot coffee I’ve had. I’ve had many different coffee’s over the years and this one stands out on its own. It surely has its own flavor profile. It’s more intense then a medium roast but I wouldn’t necessarily put it in the dark roast catagory. This coffee is about a fresh tasting as you can get. You can clearly taste the fresh fruit of the bean. Hope they keep this one around, it’s special.

  3. Sha

    Sampled this coffee at Trader Joes and loved the smooth taste. Loved it so much that my husband decided brought back 10 bags from California as a gift. The flavour of the bean is amazing. I really do hope they keep this one around. Brewing some right now.

  4. Bill Alvarado

    It is excellent. It is delicious I live in San Francisco and have been told by the customer service desk at the Masonic street location that it will no longer be available . I love this coffee. It is smooth with the clarity of the bean coming through. Please let me know the status of this coffee. It is the one that I have been looking for

  5. Victoria

    I am a true coffee affectionado! During the holidays, I was looking for a new coffee to try and purchased Cameroon Mount Oku, it instantly became my new favorite! I wish I had purchased more, when I went back to buy more, it was no longer available. The staff told me it was seasonal, I do wish Trader Joe’s would bring it back. I appreciate seasonal offerings but not this one! Please let me know if it will return.

  6. Susan Bodor

    I absolutely agree with the above reviewers. This coffee has become my absolute favorite. The sales associate at Trader Joe’s told me that this coffee would probably sell out quickly and he was right. Now I am kicking myself for not buying all that was on the shelf. The bag that I have is being treated like the last morsel of food on a lost ship at sea. I am looking forward to seeing it back on the shelves again during the next December holidays!

  7. Mel

    Addictive coffee!! Love the fresh notes that this coffee offers. Beware you may fall in love!

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