Trader Joe’s Organic Ethiopian Guji Small Lot Coffee Reviews

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Light-medium roast 100% Arabica bean coffee with notes of berry, orange, nutmeg, and clove. Natural “dry” processed.

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Ethiopian Guji Small Lot Coffee Reviews

  1. AK

    Bought this out of curiosity together with the Colombian Supremo. This Ethiopian Guji beats the Colombian Supremo hands down. Taste great although it has a bit of sour taste as it’s too mild. I’ve to make a strong espresso brew to make it taste proper. Add a dash of sugar and it tasted almost like berry juice. I think this needs to be a City+ roast to make it more flavorful.

    Smells great though.

  2. Amy Hsu

    Curiosity in Trader Joe’s products have usually been well rewarded and this Ethiopian Guji does not disappoint. I brewed it with the Stagg EKG in a pour over. Light citrus and berry notes with a bright and smooth finish. Something I would expect to get in a geeky coffee shop. I am pleasantly surprised and went back to Trader Joe’s to grab more and as always, the good stuff never lasts on the shelves. If you see them, try it – especially in a pour over.

  3. Milo

    My favorite coffee from Trader Joe’s. BTW, I drink my coffee black. I love the earthy layers of light roast. The only coffee that I’ve had that is similar in flavor to the choices at single origin local light roasters. I hope they keep it in stock. I buy two at a time.

  4. Terry

    I love this coffee but my Trader Joe’s does not stock it regularly. I’m trying to find a reliable source.

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