Trader Joe’s Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap Reviews

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83 reviews for Trader Joe’s Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap Reviews

  1. Dobi

    I love how jasmine-y this smells. Lathers well, too.

  2. Barb

    I LOVE the soap but HATE the pump bottle…doesn’t work half the time…very annoying.

  3. Paula

    Love the scent, hate the (usually non-functioning) pump.

    Both times I’ve purchased this, I’ve ended up pouring the actual soap into other pump bottles because I could not make this pump top work no matter what I did. Life’s too short–I’ve changed soap.

  4. Jane

    My all time favourite soap, I love the scent, never had any problems with the pump. I wish we had Trader Joe’s in the UK

  5. Serenity Guedel

    Never had a problem with the bottle or the pump! This soap smells fantastic and is the one that finally got my spouse to switch from foaming cheap brands with horrible scents that would tear up my hands. 100% a winner!

  6. Lisa Lee

    I drove west, over an hour away to buy this soap. They were out. Two days later I drove east, an hour and a half away. They had some stocked, but a tag that stated last chance. SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE,

  7. Nysia

    Hello! Why have you discontinued this wonderful hand/body soap? It is the best scented and non-drying soap on the market!

  8. Kerry Monteleone

    Went to buy my favorite soap last night and was told it has been discontinued. What???!!!!! It is wonderful soap! Please Trader Joe’s bring it back.

  9. Jacqueline Cox

    The best soap ever! Before finding this soap, my hands would be dry, cracked and bleeding. I tried all types of soap, for newborn babies, anti-allergy, all natural, imported baby soaps, nothing worked until I found Trader Joe’s French Liquid Orange Blossom Soap. I wish I had done a review earlier. This is the BEST soap. Great ingredients. Trader Joe’s I don’t think you realize what a public service you do in supplying this soap. PLEASE don’t discontinue it. Or at least let us buy it online. I can’t go back to ugly hands again. I have even started looking at YouTube videos on how to make my own glycerin soap. There are so many bad soaps out there, NOTHING compares to this. Please help your loyal followers.

  10. Valentina

    Very disappointed to find Trader Joe’s has discontinued this soap. Have been buying it for years – love the fragrance. Why would they discontinue this wonderful product?!

  11. Mary Ellen

    I love this soap. I’ve tried the others sold at Trader Joes today and they are not nearly as effective as a soap and don’t have the beautiful smell of orange blossom honey. Lavender smell is awful and the others don’t lather like the French Liquid Soap.
    Is it possible to get it back or can I purchase it through another source???

  12. Anna Markson

    Like the rest, I’m so disappointed to find that this fabulous product, the only liquid soap our family has used for years will be discontinued…again. It was “discontinued” once before a few years and brought back by the Trader Joe’s customers protests, so anyone who cares, please speak up. Unless the manufacturer has stopped making it, GET IT BACK! At the very least, let us know (see email address) which of your European suppliers produces it so we can get it on our own, since I will buy no other liquid soap that TJ’s currently stocks.

  13. Mona Hush

    Trader Joe’s French Liquid hand soap is the best ever! So disappointing no longer being stocked. Don’t care for other TJ’s hand soap.

  14. Cheryl Solomon

    *I echo what the others have said. Please bring this back!! I can’t find anything else that is as natural even in the health food stores. Yes, the pumps don’t always work, but I keep an old bottle in case the new one does not work 🙂 still no reason to discontinue it!!

  15. Lauren

    Please bring it back! I’m trying all sorts of other liquid soaps with no luck. Adding my vote to the pile!

  16. Katherine

    I’ve been buying this soap for years, even when Trader Joe’s was 2 hours away, I’d make a run and stock up for the next several months. I was so very disappointed yesterday to learn that this is now discontinued. Please bring it back!

  17. Mrs E

    Trader Joes Has done it again they’ve discontinued a great product and I’m so disappointed. They have no other liquid hand so that comes close to this one. I hate to say it but I’ve currently filled my bottles with dish soap because I can’t find another soap I like even close to what this one was. And they would continue discontinue at just before the Winter when hands get or when hands get dry it makes me so mad. I have called customer service and also let my local store know and I’ve gotten no real response other than we’ll take your notes And pass them along and we have no plans to bring this back. It would be nice if we could actually write to the buyer to explain why we like this product so much. I’ve been using this product for years I have it in every bathroom and I’m down to my last few drops and I am furious That there was no forewarning for us to buy it ahead of time I would like to request that you bring it back so we can stock up on it as a special buy as sometimes trader Joe’s does special buys. This would be fair to the loyal customers who love this product. I also don’t think it’s right that people in the corporate office whom I spoke with in customer service bought several to stock up because they knew it was being continued discontinued but customers did not have have that same opportunity.

  18. Monica W

    I love this soap. The scent is perfect. Very sad that it’s been discontinued. There’s nothing on the market that comes close.

  19. Baylynn

    PLEASE listen to your very loyal customers of this orange blossom soap and bring it back. My entire family has been using this for over 14 yrs! No other soap compares..I’ve tried 20…20 other soaps and my hands are dry and cracked as I type this. I literally cried in my car when an employee told me this soap was gone forever. At least tell us what supplier it is in France so we can buy it there?? I honestly don’t care how much it hands are literally bleeding because every other soap is terrible. I beg you, WE BEG YOU…BRING BACK THIS FRENCH LIQUID SOAP PLEASE!!!!!

  20. Kesha Lindsay

    I have been buying the TJ Orange Blossom Honey soap for YEARS. On my last trip to the store, I picked up the grapefruit soap because they were out of the OBH. Within a couple of days, my hands were dry and cracked. Then I learned my fave has been discontinued. No!!! This is the only soap I’ve been able to use that saves my hands. Please bring this back. Please. Bring. This. Back.

  21. Vasser Bailey

    Echoing others: please bring back this soap!!! It saves my hands. It’s also what’s kept me coming back to your store and dropping $$$ on other items at every visit. This soap is the best!

  22. Alice Flood

    PLEASE BRING BACK ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY LIQUID SOAP!!!! I have been using this soap a long time and adore it. It is gentle on my hands and has a wonderful fragrance. I am lost without this liquid soap.!

  23. Janis Halpert

    The very best…disappointed TJ’s isn’t selling it anymore. Nothing compares!!

  24. Rita

    BEGGING YOU TO BRING BACK THIS SOAP. Adore this soap. The ONLY soap that doesn’t dry out my skin. SO depressed it is
    discontinued. My hands are already dried and cracked from having to use other soap
    I know so many people who use this soap, can’t imagine that it wasn’t worthy of shelf space.

  25. Bob & Heather Sanders

    Discontinuing this liquid soap is a real mistake! It is one of our favorite things that we buy at Trader Joe’s. Please reconsider!!!!

  26. David

    The only soap I use. Please, please bring it back!!!

  27. Hannah Mitchell

    Please, please, please bring this product back. It was, hands-down, your best health/beauty product – simply perfect – and one of your best products in general.

  28. dale norrington

    Please bring this soap back!!!!
    I have used it for years and no other soap comes close …
    Thanks !!

  29. Barb M

    I love this soap. The orange blossom scent is heavenly! It’s my use everywhere hand soap and give it as gifts to friends who love it as much as I do. Is it true you’re not going to carry it anymore? I’d love it if you’d reconsider. If it’s a done deal, then please tell me where else I can find it.

  30. Julieann

    PLEASE bring this soap back- I keep a bottle of it on every sink and in the shower! It is a must have.

  31. Rita

    I think this soap was made by La Maison but not sure. Very similar ingredients such as argan and olive oils but not exact. TJ Orange Blossom was the BEST soap ever and kept my hands from bleeding. The La Maison is second best. Still dries out my skin but still so much better than any other soap except TJ Orange Blossom. I use the LaMaison Citrus Blossom, seems to be less drying than other scents. TJ orange Blossom was the only soap I used for years. I hope they bring it back.

  32. Louise

    Why, why, why just why? Obviously this soap had a massive following and purchase rate. At the very least enlighten us to why this was discontinued.

  33. Kirsten Sands

    Please bring this soap back!! My family has used it for over 10 years. It’s the only soap that doesn’t dry out my skin and it doesn’t irritate. I love the simple ingredient list and the amazing smell. I was crushed when I found out today that it was discontinued. I usually buy about 10 at a time because entire family uses it. Please bring it back! Or at least share your supplier contact info!

  34. Sister Teacher P

    Trader Joe’s Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap is my favorite soap. I love how it smells–the scent transports me back to when I lived in Morocco.
    On a practical note, I can tell you that this soap does not dry out or irritate my skin. I have eczema, and I usually cannot use soap with scents so having this has been a big deal for over ten years. I keep a bottle in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I usually buy several bottles at a time, and my last bottle is nearly out.

    When I went to buy some today, I found out that Trader Joe’s Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap has been discontinued. Please bring it back. I do not use your other hand soaps because I do not enjoy cracked skin.
    If the soap will not be brought back, at least give us an idea of where to find it.

  35. Ariadna Montes de oca

    Please bring it back!!!!! I do not care for any other alternatives!! This one is the best ever!! So dissapointed it has been discontinued.

  36. Renee Hoffinger

    Great hand soap! Why does TJ have to have such a cruel business model of getting us all hooked on yet another great product and then taking it away? I’m still hung up over my first love d/c of the chocolate covered edamame (and then there foes the sun-dried tomatoes in a bag, the Cherry chocolate chunk Soy Creamy, the Coffee mochi balls, the Romescu dip, and all the other products that were once standards in our kitchen. Nu, Joe, explain yourself!

  37. Lorraine

    I have been using this soap to wash my face, body, and hands for over 16 years. I went to buy it the other day and it was discontinued.
    I tried using another soap on my face and my skin is drying out and itching already.
    Please bring this soap back. It took me years to find a soap that doesn’t irritate my skin, and the idea of having to find another soap I can use makes me want to cry.

  38. Marsha

    I echo the praises of this amazing soap.
    PLEASE bring it back.

  39. Vikki R

    I have used this soap for at least 15 years. My father was hospitalized in 2007 for 7 1/2 months in the ICU unit at UCSF (We hold that awful record) after the first few weeks our hands were chapped from so much hand-washing. I had been using this for a long time before this & brought a bottle of it in to his hospital room. It smelled lovely & kept our hands from being chapped & split. Through the rest of the time we kept a bottle in the room. We went thru many, many bottles and gave them away to many nurses on the floor. It was a tiny bit of cheer & comfort at an awful time. I keep it in the bathroom and buy 6 bottles at a time. I am on the last bottle and have been looking for it for months. Please bring it back!!!

  40. Tamar

    Only soap I use for many years. Always had extra bottles and just realized I’m on the last bottle and they’re gone from TJ. What am I going to do?!
    Please bring it back.
    I have very dry and sensitive skin

  41. Elizabeth

    Like so many others, I have used this soap for many years. As they said, it is the only soap that prevents my hands from cracking and bleeding, especially in winter. Please bring it back.

  42. Gudrun K

    We have used this soap for over 10 years. It is the best soap for people with skin sensitivities. We have tried to find a replacement soap since Trader Joe’s discontinued it, but we’re back to having to suffer with products that cause skin reactions. Please return this item to the shelves, or at least sell it online!

  43. SD

    Like all the other reviews it’s the only soap that doesn’t destroy my hands. I’m very sad to hear it’s been discontinued. There are no Thera like it. I’ve even started to research making it. I wish they would publish the manufacturer or the full ingredients

  44. Apparently a new Typhoid Mary

    I, too, have run out of this soap after using it for decades. I wash my hands less. Before I’d give them a scrub just to be safe. Now I consider whether clean hands are worth the discomfort of using another soap. Daily arguments with myself during cold and flu season

  45. Elizabeth

    I join the many people above. PLEASE BRING THIS SOAP BACK!!! My husband and I have used this product for years, buying several bottles at a time. I’m very disappointed that it’s been discontinued and hope the decision-makers in marketing and corporate headquarters will heed the advice of the customers soon. This decision was very unfortunate news for many. The

  46. Carol

    So sorry to learn that you are no longer carrying this. Absolutely my favorite.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  47. Cindy

    Trader Joe’s, what have you done? This soap has a cult following. It’s the one thing I can’t get anywhere else so I drive to the store that is not at all convenient to me to purchase this on a regular basis. Mind you, I purchase other things while there, but I come for this soap!

    Bring it back, please!

  48. Theresa

    Trader Joe’s please bring back this wonderful orange blossom honey soap! I’ve tried a variety of other soaps since it was discontinued and none compare. Please please please bring it back!


    I’ve been using this soap for +20 yrs and am lost without it. Nothing compares. Please bring it back!

  50. Kim

    Please, please, please bring this soap back. It is the only soap that does not dry my hands out.

  51. Mrs. S

    It was a very sad day when I discovered that Trader Joe’s French Liquid Soap Orange Blossom Honey. I have been using it and loving it for many years. Please bring it back, oh Please bring it back!

  52. Siobhan R

    Dear Trader Joe Manufacturing Gods, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the French Liquid Soap Orange Blossom Honey. Nothing else compares to this amazing soap for making my hands feel clean without drying them out. Your new lemon, lavender, and grapefruit hand soaps do not even come close to your beloved French orange blossom soap, so please consider bringing back a well-loved favorite for so many die hard TJ shoppers!

  53. Kim C

    I am very upset that this sap has been discontinued. it was my favorite

  54. Tess Schimter

    Ditto Ditto Ditto all the above responses! The ONLY soap at all my sinks for years! I am SO upset that it is just a randomly chosen product to discontinue!! All other soaps just stink, literally, and I refuse to buy. This is THE item that would get me in the store, after driving for 30 minutes, instead of shopping at my local grocery store 3 minutes away…..

  55. Randi Reiremo

    Bring it back, PLEASE! The first soap I’ve loved!

  56. Cathy McHugh

    I go out of my way to go to Trader Joe’s for this soap. Why would you discontinue the best product your company sells? PLEASE bring it back.

  57. Julia

    Echoing all these sentiments. This was one of my all-time favorite TJ products and I am SO disappointed that I can’t buy it anymore. Please bring it back– you ( if “you” read this) can even raise the price a bit!

  58. Robb Mazzoli

    Count me in as one who has loved this soap for a long time and for a lot of reasons. Count me in as well among those who are exceptionally disappointed in finding out it’s been discontinued; it’s one item that guaranteed that i would continue to come to TJ’s, especially after the falderal and hypersensitivity around “Trader Giotto”, Trader Jaques”, Trader Jose” etc.

  59. Lesley

    Please bring back this soap. We are so disappointed to hear that it has been discontinued. The current soap available is not nearly as good. It dries your hands and doesn’t smell as good. This original soap was one item that I could always count on. I would make special trips to Trader Joes just to buy this soap. Please bring it back!

  60. marney morris

    please please bring this soap back. none of your other soaps compare. have already had to switch to another store to buy laundry soap when you changed vendors. would like to do all my shopping at traders joes but can’t anymore. when you change staples that shoppers have been using for years, you open us up to new shopping patterns. false economy, i think.

  61. Diane Scardigno

    This is such a pure soap. Please,please ,please bring it back!!!!!!! . What you have on the shelves is full of chemicals and it is pure poison. I have shopped at the Naperville store for years and , the majority of my shopping is done there because of your products that are gluten free and non-gmo.

  62. Rob Shanahan

    I am now convinced that Trader Joe’s has a microphone hidden in my house. Anytime I mention that I like one of their products, it is discontinued the next day. Please bring back this soap!

  63. AMC

    Trader Joes – where did you get this soap? We need another source if you won’t carry it.

  64. Ryan Buckner

    I used this soap for years when I lived 2 blocks from Trader Joe’s in San Francisco. And when I moved away, I happily drove 2 hours to the nearest TJ’s just for this soap. I’m so sad that it’s been discontinued and my poor hands are suffering. Please, please, please bring it back.

  65. Violet

    This soap smelled so amazing and the texture was so nice on the hands. I wish they’d bring this back.

  66. CCR

    The orange blossom fragrance of Trader Jacque’s Orange Blossom Honey Soap reminds me of growing up with nearby orange groves here in Florida and the sweet scent of their blooming blossoms every February. When I first discovered the soap in the Louisville, Kentucky store, I regularly packed several bottles in my luggage before flying back home. Once a store did open up here, each visit would always include my purchasing a few bottles to add to my stash. I gave them away as hostess gifts and always, always enjoy taking a moment to appreciate the clean, fresh scent when I wash my hands. I join so many others here to encourage you to reconsider stocking this wonderful product if possible.

  67. Adina Gordon


  68. Margaret Andrea

    PLEASE bring this soap back!!!!!! Best sent ever.

  69. Judith C. Tydings

    Here we are May 20, 2023, our family is finally close to running out of Trader Joe’s French Laundry Soap Orange Blossom Honey! We have 2 left. I think Trader Joe needs to explain to us, loyal TJ customers, why this liquid soap has been discontinued. Has the manufacturer stopped making it? If so all of us will have to look elsewhere. But if slow sales is the reason, then give it another try and all 69 of us will work hard to make sure it sells! We will give it as gifts, something many of us did already, and we will spread the word that besides having a wonderful aroma, it is very healing for our hands.

  70. Chelsea

    Best soap ever. Gentle on my hands. Amazing scent. Please bring it back!!!!!

    I would also add, for those who make it to my comment – the a la maison Plumeria has a very similar scent, but is not as gentle on my skin. Still searching for a replacement 🙁

  71. Hakan

    No, you don’t understand. This is serious:

    p l e a s e b r i n g t h e s o a p b a c k t o t h e s h e l v e s ! ! !

    This is by far the best soap in the market. Why has it been discontinued?? Such a shame.

  72. Patricia

    Ditto with all previous reviews…..this was a fantastic soap. I’m really upset that it’s been discontinued.
    I would rate it a ten, if you had that many stars!

  73. Catherine

    Ditto I have been using this for YEARS, by far my favorite soap. Now running out of my last bottle (I made sure to stock up after the last shortage). I have been hoping to see it appear on your shelves again before it runs out but that is now looking unlikely – PLEASE BRING IT BACK, the replacement liquid soaps you now have do not compare

  74. Emily

    Please bring this back. Complete this form to send a request to Trader Joe’s –

  75. Deborah

    Used this soap for years. Please bring it back!!

  76. Joyce Ford

    Please bring back Trader Joe’s French Liquid Soap Orange Blossom Honey – even it you need to double the price in order to obtain it. Nothing compares to it in its simple, yet rich-in- emollient-oils, but chemical-free ingredients. It lathers beautifully, yet rinses off easily; and it always leave the skin feeling really soft. And also truly wonderful, is its beyond delightful scent. This soap is without competition! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  77. So Young

    This French orange blossom honey soap is by far the best! Fragrance is so relaxing and liquid soap is moisturizing and soothing my hands. Trader’s Joe, please bring it back! Is there any chance it will be on the market soon?

  78. Anonymous

    This soap is indeed the best! I have no idea when we began using it, but we’ve been using it since it first appeared at TJs – probably sixteen years. I think this is it, by the way – the color and the concept match really well: Panier des Sens – Marseille Liquid Hand Soap – Orange Blossom Hand Wash. It is available at Amazon and maybe other places.

  79. Anonymous

    Love this soap. For those looking for a comparable soap I believe I have found it! A La Maison liquid soap from France has the same ingredients as the orange blossom soap. Amazon sells it.

  80. Kay

    There is no replacement…Please Bring this product back to your stores and come to Middle Georgia! Love this soap and have been using it for Years!
    Also, Please bring back the frozen water bottles…I have to travel over 100 miles to the nearest store and NEED the frozen water bottles…I often can’t bring them with me because of business.

  81. Ann Brown

    Please please bring this soap back!! I only shop your store for specific items and now there is only one thing I buy there since you discontinued everything else…..
    Out of everything this was the best and had no harsh chemicals!

  82. Amy M

    Moved 1 1/2 years ago. Never thought they wouldn’t carry this hand soap! DISCONTINUED!WHAAAAA!WHYYYYYY? This was a staple Mother’s day gift I’d get for years, the lovely scent cannot be compared! Come on Trader Jacques! BRING IT BACK!

  83. Heather Sanders

    We still haven’t been able to find a replacement for this wonderful soap. Nothing works as well, doesn’t dry your hands or smells a great as this soap. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

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