Trader Joe’s Nourish Herbal Blend Liquid Soap Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Nourish Herbal Blend Liquid Soap Reviews

  1. Wes

    This wasn’t bad by any means, but it smelled a little too herbal for me. (I know, I know, “herbal” is in the name – but normally herbal soaps don’t smell quite so plant-like.) Still, it lasted a long time and wasn’t unpleasant.

  2. AJD

    Husband and I love it for its cleaning ability. Need to dilute it half and half with water since it’s so thick. I only gave it four stars because I can’t figure out how to make the dispenser work — have to use a different container . . .

  3. CJ

    This is the best liquid hand soap by far. The scent is pleasant, but best of all, the scent does not linger. Most hand soaps continue to smell like perfume no matter how much you rinse. I am bereft that this product appears to have been discontinued.

  4. PM

    Oh My God!!! I cannot believe they discontinued this! I just had the person at my local TJ’s calling all around to any stores fairly close to see if they had any… and NO! I have never found a hand soap that does NOT dry my hands out regardless of how many times a day I wash them, and like the last person said, the smell does not linger! And is beautiful while washing! No sulfates, just pure ingredients, none of their other soaps fit the bill, except maybe that orange-honey, but that has too strong a smell! PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!!!!!

  5. Jeanne dePolo

    OMG I love this stuff but can’t find it any more please tell me your going to bring it back! Best soap I’ve ever used great for fry skin.

  6. Joyce Billman

    Love this soap!! It has been discontinued and I’m so disappointed. The smell is absolutely amazing and the ingredients are sulfate free.

  7. Me

    I love this hand soap because it didn’t irritate skin or have a strong smell and now it is another product Trader Joe’s has stopped carrying in the last year that brought me to the store (whole grain bagels being the other). TJ locations are not convenient but I made the trip at least once a month. I may need to find closer alternatives. Disappointing

  8. DS

    Bring this product back.

  9. Dona Hensley

    I have used this Herbal Blen Liquid Soap (Lemongrass and Clary Sage for some time and it’s gone. My friend from another town was looking for it because she used it at my home. I hate to look elsewhere so bring it back!

  10. Tiffany

    PLEASE bring this Herbal Blend Liquid Soap back. Walmart is selling it for $14.99! I’ll buy a case.

  11. Diane

    Love it! Please bring it back!

  12. kathy faller

    Bring it back!!!
    I love it and I’m running out.
    Smells great and doesnt dry out my hands.

  13. Pamela Greusel

    Yesssssssssss …. please bring this soap back! I’ve used it for years and have always stocked up. Surprised to see it’s been discontinued. ;-(

  14. Anonymous

    My favorite TJ soap. Smelled wonderful. The original manufacturer (I believe it’s Nature’s Gate) discontinued this item.

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