Trader Joe’s Nova Salmon Pieces Reviews

(6 customer reviews)

Hardwood cold-smoked salmon pieces.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Nova Salmon Pieces Reviews

  1. Maxwell Hunter

    Pretty good.

  2. Anita m

    One of the better smoked salmons at Trader Joes. There is varying freshness so I look at the thickness of the fish, look for oils you want to see oils, color can range from a light to a darker orange,and check expiration.

  3. Roan

    Makes good lox

  4. Renato

    First time tried this and kind of gross…lots of muscle and actual fish skin on it…I love pretty much everything from Trader Joe’s so this was a surprise and for sure not buying it again.

  5. Joe Kupe

    Decent smoked salmon. It is Nova so it is not as salty as Belly. For the price and quantity it is very decent lox/smoked salmon and we don’t always want to spend the money on Acme Fish Company Belly; it is thought amazing! A friend actually went to Acme’s Brooklyn , NY location on a Friday open house and said it was one of the best experiences ever. In the end yes, buy this smoked salmon as not everyone has a chance to buy authentic Belly Lox

  6. Alex

    Since couple months ago the taste and look of this product changed from the good to the worse.
    Also the package doesn’t say what country produces this product.

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