Trader Joe’s Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Ends & Pieces Reviews

(13 customer reviews)

Pieces of red salmon from Alaska, dry-cured with Applewood smoke.


13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Ends & Pieces Reviews

  1. Brendan Glascock

    So much cheaper than normal lox and just as good. In fact, the chunks are perfect for putting on crackers!

  2. TomZ

    Excellent product And good flavor. Great with cream cheese and capers which we bought at Trader Joe’s.

  3. Tom

    Excellent as good as any lox your going to get. we put them on water crackers with capers and cream cheese.

  4. Sophia Unger

    Too salty

  5. Skylar Kang

    good price and taste 85% the same, although the texture in some parts are more “fiber-y” and weird than regular lox. but i would say most of the salmon is the same. Flavor is not as deep, you kinda just get the salty flavor more

  6. Anonymous

    Salty, chewy, fishy and had bones

  7. Ty

    I took one bite and felt that the pieces were glued together with transglutaminate. I double checked the package to be sure and it is not listed under ingredients (it is not required to be listed but should be). Can you (TD) confirm wether this product uses transglutaminate?

  8. Tlaw

    Fishy, gummy and bad texture. Definitely worth spending more for the better pieces.

    Would not buy again (and throw most of it away).

  9. Oliver

    There was hardly any salmon in the package. HUGE waste of 12$.

  10. Adam

    Thought these were great – however my trader joe’s stopped stocking them, at least for the moment. They appear in their system as “not orderable.”

  11. chezron

    This is great that you can still get wild caught smoked salmon.

  12. Tamara66

    The price is great and so is the taste and value. I love that it consists of very small portions/pieces that I may use for sandwiches or eat with baked potatoes or veggies. The product stays fresh for a long time in the refrigerator. I feel lucky when I see it in TJ because it sells fast!

  13. Angie

    Tasted strongly of plastic, and nothing I did could negate it. I even tried a stir-fry and a kimchi-jigae, but neither could overpower the taste of plastic.

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