Trader Joe’s No. 2 Brown Coffee Filters Reviews

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Contains 100 “number two” style coffee filter cones, which fits Melitta, Krups, Braun, Oster, and other coffeemakers that use a #2 size filter cone.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s No. 2 Brown Coffee Filters Reviews

  1. Mark

    I am giving up on these. I’ve tried to like them – when they work they make good pour-over coffee. But too many times the seam fails and the ground coffee ends up washing into my coffee mug.

  2. Eric Burgstaller

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. IT IS RUBBISH. Trader Joe’s NATURAL BROWN COFFEE FILTERS #2 are no good at all. I purchased a pack (for $ 2.29, at Store no. 0640 in Arlington VA, on 03/16/2022) three weeks ago, and have been using these filters every day since. They cannot hold my std. quantity for two cups of pour-over, i.e. five teaspoons of ground coffee. On average, 1 filter in 3 bursts, with all the precious coffee ending up unfiltered in the pot. – This product is of course a lot cheaper than Melitta Filters, but it is USELESS!! This disappointed customer has returned to Melitta Filters. SHAME on Trader Joe’s for trying to peddle such a flawed product.

  3. Carol

    I use these all the time and they work great. There have been none of the problems that others have mentioned

  4. Joseph A Aro

    I’ve used this product for more years than I can remember. Users complaining about seam bursts do not know how to use cone filters. Fold over the bottom and side seams and the filter never fails.

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