Trader Joe’s New York Strip Steak Reviews

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USDA choice premium Angus beef.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s New York Strip Steak Reviews

  1. Deborah Mears

    Horrible! Product of Australia and Mexico- not USA.
    I just ate one – disgusting!!
    Read the labels before trusting the Trader Joe name! $9.99 /lb for horse meat. This is not steak! Tastes sour.

  2. Sarah

    So gross! We thought it was pork because of the color and quality! I will never buy met from Trader Joe’s again. Waste of money!

  3. Josh

    I agree that this is definitely not beef. The meat cooked like pork, but tasted like neither pork nor beef. Traders Joes may want to review their meat suppliers more closely. Yikes!

  4. Cindy Gum

    I’ve never left a review before but I’m sitting here with half of the New York steak and wondering what kind of meat this is? It definitely does not cut or taste like a New York steak that I know and I’ve been around a long time. Trader Joe’s – please address the quality of your meat. It looked beautiful in the package but did not taste good!

  5. Roberta Bell

    The vacuum packed New York strip steak, processed in Australia and Mexico was very poor in quality. The color was odd inside like that of pork. It was very tough and hard to cut and mostly hard gristle. There was no taste. I don’t believe it was a “steak”. I dumped the rest in the trash. I’m very disappointed. I haven’t had red meat in over a year. I’m a Trader Joe’s fan and raised my children on this food. I continue to shop at this store but will never buy any kind of meat there again unless there’s a significant change.

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