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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Movie Theater Popcorn Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    It’s actually surprising how close to “movie theater popcorn” this really is – and for about 1/10th of the price! Perfect for kicking back with some Netflix or being a little wild and sneaking into a movie theater. Easy to gobble up by the savory fistful!

  2. Nick

    mmm. These are so good. I’d take this over microwave popcorn any day.

  3. Janet Fallon

    great popcorn, could be excellent if you used less salt.
    I love salt, but it is too salty..

  4. Sharon Gottlieb

    Used to love this popcorn but the last couple of bags had lots of hard kernels and husks. Quite disappointing.

  5. Mary

    Bag has become smaller in size. I was much bigger before.

  6. Brad F.

    This tastes like a classic independent movie theater’s popcorn, not the big chains where you end up with a coating of oil on your throat. (It’s very similar to what they make at Cobble Hill Cinemas in Brooklyn, which is a personal fave.) I’m a big fan and buy 2 bags every week!!

  7. Pat Greene

    Holy grail popcorn. No complaints. I get a bag every week.

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