Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night’s Hand & Body Cream Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

Made with Moroccan Argan oil.

7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night’s Hand & Body Cream Reviews

  1. Teri

    I usually buy body lotion from spas that are high price/high quality. I just moved to a warmer climate and mosquitoes this summer causing me to only use fragrance free lotion. This is a big difference on my skin and I can feel my skin so soft and it does have a very faint smell, I love it!

  2. Beverly

    Very mild violet scent but you have to put your hand up to your nose. It made my cuticles and nails look great. I’ll definitely buy it again

  3. Cee

    the nerve to call this hand cream. this product does not moisturize and leaves hands with an ashen feeling minutes after application. glorified water; will be returning.

  4. ejw

    This lotion was not moisturizing at all. Will add oil to see if that makes it wortwhile so I an use it up.

  5. Alli-cat

    One of the best for eczema ridden dry cracked hands. as thick as a cream but in a pump with no scent, there is no violet scent not sure what others were talking about. it is gentle on my dry skin and does not feel greasy at all. a quality product and one of my standbys over the years when I need gentle lotion with no scent.

  6. Anonymous

    This stuff softened my eternally dry, cracked, and peeling heels within 2-3 nights of applying before bed. No lotion or oil has ever conquered my feet so effectively! This will be my new go-to body lotion! it does feel a little bit sticky when I use it on my legs before bed, but only a tiny bit. Overall, a moisturizing game changer.

  7. Larry

    This lotion is NOT what it says as far as being fragrance-free !! good lotion but I have MCS and react to the Argon oil, I believe has a scent . How can TJ be informed of this ?? !! They need a better way to have these tested and not just average person that may not smell anything.

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