Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream (Extra Dry Formula) Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

Midsummer night’s cream – unscented herbal blend with Aloe.

12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream (Extra Dry Formula) Reviews

  1. Lena

    This is so good! I use the tester every time I’m in the store – I need to buy it already.

  2. Susan

    This is ok for your HANDS. But it is not a great ALL OVER body lotion. TJ’s has better varieties if that is what you are looking for. Full review here:

  3. Sally

    I much prefer the Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream that was a holiday special this year but this does a good job. I live in Colorado and my skin gets so dry in the winter. I started the healing with the hand cream and then continued it with this product and it’s satisfactory. I really wish they’d let us review the hand cream (and have it all year, or at least during the winter!).

  4. Susan Greifer

    I really like this lotion because it has no scent which I am always allergic to. I use it on my face as well and it sinks in and my eyes do not tear. It is fine for the face and body and does not cost a fortune.

  5. bob Lovell

    can’t find it. is it coming back. I go to Stockton, ca
    how do we get some.

  6. Mila

    Please bring back this product!!! I really need it for winter dry feet and it’s tough to tell what I will do without it in winter 2020. The original was the best ever, why is it gone??? Please bring it back!!!

  7. J King

    Please, please bring back this product. It worked so beautifully on my dry skin. Also, despite the jojoba, it was one of the only lotions my girls with nut allergies could use. Please bring it back.

  8. Rowan

    this stuff was the BEST until they reformulated. the new formula isn’t cruelty free and is significantly different from the old. it doesn’t even have aloe in it anymore. i’m so disappointed i have to find a new moisturizer.

  9. Mamie

    I love this product! This is the only product keeps my skin moist during dry winter. But I can’t find it anymore. Please bring it back.

  10. Robert

    This was a good product. Please bring it back.

  11. Crystal

    Please email me back and let me know when this product will return to stores.

  12. D

    Bring it back

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