Trader Joe’s Maple Espresso Black Tea Blend Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Maple Espresso Black Tea Blend Reviews

  1. Nichole

    LOVE THIS!! Please don’t ever get rid of it. It’s great as a hot or cold team.

  2. Jenny

    I hope this tea hits shelves again for Winter 2021/2022!

  3. Kelly

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK THIS SEASON! One of your best teas!

  4. Renee

    I saw it on the shelf after reading about it in their Fearless Flier and boy oh boy is this stuff amazing. It’s especially good if you add a bit of steamed milk to it (I use oat milk and it’s cozy and delicious)

  5. Kathy

    It’s ABSOLUTELY the BEST tea EVER!!! Please make this tea available year round.

  6. Laura machado

    Returning weird artificial taste although
    States natural flavors

  7. Gina

    Tastes like maple syrup. Can’t taste the espresso and sure wish I could. I’ve had it hot and cold, and really see no reason to purchase it when I can add maple syrup to regular tea and drink it.

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