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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mango Brooklyn Babka Reviews

  1. Elsie Ivcevic

    I loved it – so light so different. yesterday 6-20-16 I went to buy another one and all they had was chocolate Babka I was so disappointed, because I waned Mango Babka.

  2. Lena

    I loved this! I’ve had the chocolate brooklyn babka from Trader Joe’s before, and that was amazing — this tastes very similar (unsurprisingly), but with mango instead of chocolate. It actually didn’t taste extremely mango-y — more of a general fruity taste, but quite good nonetheless. Great texture and taste!

  3. Wes

    I really enjoyed this Mango Babka — generally just like the chocolate one, but with more of a citrus-y flavor. If you liked that one, and you like mangos, then you’ll love it! The texture is so soft and moist and perfect.

  4. Ari Lichtman

    Don’t really know what a Babka is, but this cake was outstanding. Ashamed to say I ate the whole thing. Guilty to say I am going back for more. (The shame and guilt are that this is DEFINITELY not low cal 🙂


    I cannot wait for Mango Babka to come back. I’ve been craving it since the fall when I last purchased. The Choc is good but Mango is Amazing!!

  6. Night Raven

    Last year’s mango seasonal options had us buy this, once it was checked as both kosher and pas yisroel. WOW! As we not only like babka but mango as well, we wanted more. As it was the end of the mango seasonals, one babka is all we had. A whole year later, jubilation! We bought 2 the first time as we are able to shop at Trader Joe’s once a month. And we got the last 2 on the shelf this past Sunday. If we had an ample freezer, more would be purchased to eat sparingly until next year’s supply. At least we had a few this time and with a taste for it, hope to bake my own if possible.

  7. Diana

    INCREDIBLY wonderful, it is a favorite among my friends and we are devastated it has been discontinued 🙁

  8. Kathy

    why was this discontinued? It was super!

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