Trader Joe’s Mac n Cheese Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mac n Cheese Reviews

  1. R

    Yummm! I eat this all the time. So cheesy and mouthwateringly good.

  2. Kahlee

    Best Mac n’ Cheese next to homemade. My favorite TJ’s frozen product. Meets every definition of comfort food.

  3. Evan

    This is the best frozen mac and cheese that I’ve ever had, by far. I would even go so far as to compare it to the taste of good homemade macaroni and cheese; it’s that delicious! It’s perfectly creamy, and each bite leaves you wanting more. This is a constant staple in my freezer.

  4. Carol

    Wonderful. I always have a package in my freezer. Sometimes I mix in corn, peas, and zucchini, and cut up ham. Got the idea from a Jacques Pepin’s Penne recipe. Cauliflower rice or leftover butternut squash make interesting addition, too. Of course, it’s delicious plain.

  5. justin

    obsessed. pro-tip: sprinkle furikake on it. youre welcome

  6. Tanya

    This is a good go to frozen mac and cheese when I am not making it from scratch.

  7. Serenity Guedel

    Household staple and a fantastic comfort food. Want mac and cheese and don’t have the time, will, energy or $$$ to make a good batch from scratch? Just want something tasty, warm and filling to cradle your stomach lovingly after a long winter day of living through a pretty disheartening decade? Do you want a brief moment of joy after only 6 minutes of waiting on the microwave to finish? Are you depressed and disgusted with the world, but know you need to eat and don’t want cereal yet again? Do none of these things apply, but you just can’t be arsed to cook?

    Friend, this may be the mac and cheese for you. Take it. Warm it. Eat it. Smile a little when and if you shed a cathartic tear into your pillow before falling into blessed unconsciousness.

    Don’t fall for its inferior cousins. You know the ones I mean. Those “guilt-free” and watery “hatch chili” options that snuggle next to this full flavored goddess in TJ’s freezer section. Don’t go for them. They’re the mean girls and they won’t love you anywhere near as well as this four cheese delight will. You deserve self care. You deserve to love yourself enough to enjoy ALL the flavor.

    You deserve this. Enjoy.

  8. LTM tHj

    Hands down, this is my favorite mac and cheese. I have not found any even comparable, much less better.

  9. Sarah

    Incredible. Potentially the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had – even compared to restaurants/home made. Especially delicious with a bit of bbq sauce mixed in.

  10. Violet

    A good frozen mac and cheese for when you don’t feel like making your own. The creamy cheese sauce is well done and you get a decent portion. Definitely recommend!

  11. S Bruna

    yum yum… I’ll definitely buy this again

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