Trader Joe’s Lys Kaffe Light City Roast Coffee Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lys Kaffe Light City Roast Coffee Reviews

  1. Debbie Kaufman

    LOVE this coffee. Truly amazing. Actually makes me want to get up in the morning.

  2. Audrey St. Lawrence

    The Kenyan AA, Tanzanian and Ethiopian Sidamo beans make for a great blend and nicely roasted too. The brew aroma is inviting and enticing; the taste profile accurately brings out the candied, fruit, slight floral and berry flavors without it ever being overpowering. If you are looking for full-body or an earthy feel, then you’ll need to skip this one.

    This makes for a great breakfast/AM and mid-day pick me up.

    Hope this SKU has a deep inventory else it’s back to the boring but predictable Columbia Supremo.

  3. Gelato Jill

    I really look forward to drinking this delicious light roast coffee when I wake up each day. It works really well in the French Press. I hope it stays in stock!

  4. Jennifer

    My new favorite! The light roast really allows you to taste the sweet berry. I’m a Starbucks house blend consumer typically for price and taste but this beats it…I’m shocked and surprised myself…

  5. Julie

    This is my favorite coffee!!! The flavor is so balanced with Carmel and honey notes. But it has disappeared from the store shelves! Oh when oh when will it return???!!!! My mornings are just boring now. I love the light roast!

  6. Ross Davis

    Delicious—but discontinued?!? It appears to be gone from the shelves, leaving NO light roast choices at all. Alas, it’s back to ordering from Gevalia for many of us.

  7. Ray Ramage

    Gone from all our local Trader Joe’s. Now it’s back to 20 different varieties of dark roast, all of which taste the same: burnt. As much as I despise Whole Foods, at least they have some light roasts.

  8. Mark

    me too gone 4 many of us. well i will have to buy each bean separtly to make a personal lys light roast versions. i will have to go 2 other stores. thank you for taking a picture of that tasty good can and its ingredints were, Ethiopia Sidama, and Cost rica Tarrazu, and Kenya. Well tell them replace it. rude.

  9. Diann

    My pet peeve w TJ…. so many things I grow to love disappear: lys kaffe coffee, vegan eggplant wraps, green tea tripled milled soap, tofu edamame nuggets….just to name a few. Breaks my heart….

  10. Jackie

    Where did this coffee go?! Why did you take the best coffee of the shelve?

  11. maria

    why is this coffee no longer on your shelves? Is it ever coming back?

  12. Jackie Granger

    I miss this coffee

  13. Attila Szendrodi

    I’m sad I only got to try this once before it was discontinued.

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