Trader Joe’s For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Heart Cake Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Heart Cake Reviews

  1. Anne Altor

    My husband brought home this lovely cake for me for Valentine’s Day. Although I appreciated his thoughtfulness, I was very disappointed to find palm oil listed 3 times in the ingredients. There is nothing sweet about palm oil. It is one of the biggest causes of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Trader Joe’s, please stop selling products made with irresponsibly produced palm oil!

  2. Suzanne Fowler

    Love this cake! It is delicious! I am a scratch baker & my standards are high. I am GLAD it contains palm oil, because it is a healthy oil! Thank you Trader Joe’s!

  3. Lexhieh

    I really love it is cute and perfect size for two only little sweet for me but I really enjoyed.

  4. Marsha

    Really LOOOOVED this cake (who cares if it has palm oil in it). You guys sold out of this cake by noon every shipment you got in each day. Pleeeeaaase make more of them each holiday. please come out with more options with your chocolate mousse. LOOOOVE it and would buy lots more

  5. Lynette Hagerty

    This cake was DELIGHTFUL! I hope to see more come out at least every holiday. Our family was begging for more mousse cake!! And you guys are now all out, very sad :'(
    Thank you for delicious chocolate mousse cakes, please make more!

  6. Vicki G

    Wow! This cake is beyond scrumptious. I bought it because is was heart-shaped with the loveliest decoration — good looks in desserts almost always guaranteeing mediocrity of flavor. Imagine my surprise when, in this case, adorableness gave way to even better taste! Good job, TJ’s. This one’s a winner.

  7. Gita

    I jusst love this cake, better than any bakery. Trader Joe’s, please sell it year round.

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