Trader Joe’s Mini Chocolate Mousse Trees Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Chocolate Mousse Trees Reviews

  1. Sarah

    So good! A new holiday favorite from TJ’s. The Chocolate Mousse Trees are soft and fluffy but not too sweet.

  2. Lena

    These were very enjoyable. Very subtle…not too sweet. and I love the texture.

  3. Sami Motaghedi

    Delicious! Moist! Chocolatey! Trader Joe’s doesnt have these in my area now and they’ve been replaced with dry chocolate cake and cheap chocolate frosting. Not happy about that. Not sure why they’ve changed recipes but they need to bring back some moist chocolate cake with ganache frosting! I don’t care what shape or size the cake is as long as it’s delicious.

  4. Natalie

    I agree…I love the texture and “not too sweet” quality of these little cakes. Just the right portion size and price point, they’re a good value – great for entertaining or for gifts.

    They lack, however, the same ‘eye appeal’ of the pumpkins, eggs, and flowers, as did the 2018 version – gift packages. We know you have access to colored icings, why not make some chocolate, some white and then trim with red or green? For no extra cost they could be such a fun, distinctive addition to a desert tray!

    TJ is missing an opportunity here.

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