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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lime Tonic Water Reviews

  1. Matt S.

    Not bad really. The bitterness is on the well-mannered side of the scale, and the sweetness is a bit less cloying than the common grocery brands (Schwepps, Canada Dry, etc). The lime flavor is distinct but not overpowering, and the flavor overall is fairly well rounded.

    I wish it was a little cheaper (4$ for 6x8oz) but it is certainly cheaper than any of the artisanal brands. I used it primarily as a mixer for Gin, so I can’t really speak to its day-to-day drinkability, but I can’t complain. Quite tasty!

    If you find the 99 cent a liter grocery brands less than pleasant, but aren’t yet willing to pay the small-batch high-end brand prices, this is a perfect middle ground. Worth a try, most definitely.

  2. Doug S

    A great mixer for a gin and tonic. Not as bitter as Q Tonic, but not nauseatingly sweet like Schwepps. The gin flavor is not overpowered by the tonic. Excellent value and no high fructose corn syrup… yes!

  3. RJ

    It was the perfect size and tasted great in G&Ts, convenient and no waste. …and then just last week all the local TJs discontinued it!

  4. Kashe

    Loved it, No fructrose, only cane sugar! Now never seen again at Trader Joe’s. Forced now to go to liquor stores to find good tonic water for drinks.

  5. Stephan

    What a shame that they discontinued it.
    Does anyone have a good substitute for it?

  6. Steve S.

    Love it in a gin & tonic. No high fructose corn syrup! Always available at the Manchester CT Trader Joe’s. The only thing I wish I knew more about is where they source their quinine from. Fever Tree says they use quinine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which I don’t support.

  7. Rox

    A bit in the bitter side. There’s an after taste left which is a bit unexpected. I don’t think I will purchase this item again

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