Trader Joe’s Spindrift Seltzer Reviews

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57 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spindrift Seltzer Reviews

  1. clarok

    Possibly the perfect drink. Really tasty and totally natural ingredients (sparkling water w/ raspberry puree & juice, lime juice, veg juice for color). Amazingly, only 10 calories.

  2. Jeannette

    This is the best!!!! I wish Trader Joe’s was closer to me. I have been looking for this product everywhere!!!

  3. Deborah

    The watermelon tastes like the rind. My daughter said it tasted like cucumbers. Would love to try the raspberry. Please Lake Grove store, bring in some of the other flavors beside cucumber and watermelon (that tastes like cucumber) !

  4. Mary E.

    The watermelon is awful. Tastes like watermelon rind and lemon juice. It’s very sour. Not at all what I expected. I notice there is citric acid in it; seems like they added way too much. I wish I could get my $4 back.

  5. EDP

    Zero stars for watermelon flavor. I bought the watermelon flavor and cracked one open in the car. Tasted like hot garbage. Smelled like hot garbage. Brought it back into the store and manager agreed it smelled horrible. I exchanged for my regular flavor, grapefruit. The next day, all of the watermelon flavor had been removed from the display.

  6. Dan

    Yeah I thought they messed up and canned the cucumber in the watermelon cans. I’m going to take the 3 left back and get grapefruit.

  7. kathy

    Liked the grapefruit, decided to take a chance on the watermelon. Nooooo bueno. Indescribably bad.

  8. Regina

    Not Good! I’m trying to determine if other people are getting sick from it because my stomach is killing me about 2 hours after drinking one. I would agree that it tastes like rind but it also smells quite nasty. I dumped all of them but wished I would have asked for my money back.

  9. Christina Peterson

    I loved the cucumber seltzer. It was surprisingly sweet and so refreshing. The watermelon tasted horrible. It was salty and tasted like fermenting watermelon rinds. I am going to return the rest of my 4 pack.

  10. Kae

    My cucumber water was disgusting! Tasted so rotten and I don’t know if it was meant to taste like that. Don’t recommend purchasing!

  11. Harley Schultz

    first can of cucumber was fine opened another can a couple weeks later – it was rancid – nearly vomited – dumping the rest

  12. Charlotte

    The raspberry and grapefruit are great. The watermelon tastes like cucumber (haven’t tried the cucumber yet!)

  13. S. McLaughlin

    I’ve only tasted the watermelon and it was disgusting. It really did taste like watermelon rind. I left this in a food basket for my house sitter. I hope she’ll work for me again.

  14. Brian l

    Well, the watermelon is like cucumber and awful. Very bad combo. I’ll be tossing these.

  15. Bubba Yarfkowitz

    This was an unfortunate choice for us. Watermelon, it’s not. Some have suggested that it resembles the taste of the rind. That wasn’t even close for us. In fact, the best thing we could do to make it drinkable was to not drink it.

    Not surprising that TJ’s doesn’t visibly brand this like they do so many of their products. I wouldn’t either.

  16. Debbie Miller

    Watermelon flavor tasted and smelled rancid. I bought two boxes! I live an hour away from Trader Joes. Ugh.

  17. Julie Porcelli

    What can I say, I LOVE these drinks! The cucumber flavor is my absolute favorite. I’ve also tried the blackberry and watermelon which are tasty. I’m not sure I’ll ever try the lemon but the grapefruit is next on my list. These drinks are very refreshing with just a hint of flavor. A great alternative to soda, in my opinion.

  18. jamie

    BARF. LITERALLY BARF. I hated this with such a firey passion. I am a loyal LaCroix fan and this is what I get for trying something outside the LaCroix realm.

    I thought for SURE the watermelon flavor was going to be the best damn thing to happen to this wedding diet struggle and I was so disappointed that I woke my fiance up at 7am this morning to taste this horrible mess. it was so sour and weird and not refreshing at all. BARF. Really wish I could return these.

    The cucumber flavor was ok. I still think water infused with cucumber and lemon somehow tastes better than this pricey seltzer. Back to LaCroix we go!

  19. Mary Portner

    Loved the cucumber. It was light and delicious. I’ll try the grapefruit if it’s available. Thanks for heads up on the watermelon. On that, I’ll pass.

  20. natalia

    Watermelon was so bad I thought I had a can of rancid product until I read all the other reviews here. I only go to TJs once a month- so I know I’ll never get around to returning this awful (and all the more awful because the thought of watermelon water is very exciting, and ‘sweet’) concoction. Did the company not do taste tests? The only good news is = it’s so bad that you won’t be tempted to reach for a second can, or finish the first, and it will just strip you of your appetite – voila – instant calorie reduction in your day #donotrecommend


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    O STARS..

  23. Kari Debbink

    Wish I had read these reviews before buying the watermelon! I opened one up as soon as I got out of the store, and thought it was really gross–like slightly salty and acidic (not surprising since it’s soda), but not a watermelon flavor. Then I noticed the can said “serve cold”, so I thought maybe it would be significantly better cold. Nope. No, it’s not. Taking these back and getting grapefruit, since that seems to be a flavor no one is complaining about.

  24. Viola

    Tried the watermelon and cucumber – both were absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t pinpoint the watermelon but after reading these other reviews, yes, it does taste like the rind. I couldn’t even tell you what the cucumber tastes like – maybe just the peel? Lucky for me, I live near many Trader Joe’s and am getting my money back! Good thing they’re good about that kind of thing because I am bringing them back two empty cans. UGH.

  25. Calvin

    A coworker bought some of the watermelon flavor and said they were the disgusting. She still had three cans left and offered them up with the pitch “this is the nastiest drink I have ever had!” To most people that would be a red flag, but to me, that was all I needed to hear to give one a shot. My thought for the beginning taste “awful”. My thought for the middle taste “awful”. And my thought for the final taste “surprisingly refreshing.” I’m obviously just kidding it was also awful, I immediately dumped it out and threw a handful of dill pickle seeds in my mouth to coat my now forever ruined pallet. So unless you’re trying to kill your tongue/taste DO NOT BUY THE WATERMELON FLAVOR!!

  26. mich mitt

    Cucumber and grapefruit flavors are amazing! So fresh, so few calories. Please keep stocking!!!

  27. Kyle

    Cucumber is my favorite. Then grapefruit. I haven’t had lemon but heard it’s great. Blackberry is also really good but I don’t know if TJ carries it. I’ve bought watermelon 3 times. First two times it was delicious. Third pack tasted like it was made from watermelons that were going bad. Super disappointing, but the other flavors have been consistently good.

  28. Lilahh

    I bought two flavors to try, Raspberry Lime and Watermelon. Watermelon smelled slightly like old cucumbers and watermelon rind. It was not good. Very tart and skunky. Not sure why I choked down the entire can. The rest of the box is going in the garbage. On the other hand, Raspberry/Lime was good. Still tart but makes sense with the lime. Very little effervescence. I’ll go back to LaCroix. Watermelon Spindrift has scarred me for life. LOL

  29. David B

    I bought watermelon and cucumber this past weekend for a party at my house, and BOTH flavors tasted completely rotten. I will definitely NOT be buying these drinks again. I went to my local TJ’s and let them know how bad they tasted. Completely rancid tasting.

  30. Katie Baird

    HOT GARBAGE (even when ice cold). Bought both the cucumber and watermelon flavor. Watermelon tasted like a watermelon that had been rotting in a soupy puddle in trash can for 2 weeks. Cucumber tasted nearly the same. Like a hot bag of 2 month old rotten cucumber soup. Beyond disappointing. Am I going to get sick from this? This is the first drink I’ve ever had that I was unable to stomach, and I drink some weird vegetably nutrition drinks. I love vegetables and unique flavors but SOMETHING HAS GONE TERRIBLY WRONG with these. There’s no way this can be the product they intended make. Right? The opposite of refreshing. These are revolting.

  31. Char Trahan

    5 stars for the raspeberry lime and the grapefruit! I love love love these! I have been looking for something that is not sweetened in any way as I cannot tolerate sugars of any kind. Not tried any of the other flavors but may at a later date. Thanks Trader Joes! Love this product, don’t you dare discontinue it!

  32. Dennis

    The raspberry is great. Very refreshing virtually no sugar and the soda content is perfect.

  33. Dan

    Watermelon is the worst drink I’ve ever had.

  34. Sara

    I was so looking forward to trying the watermelon flavor. What a disappointment! I have never tasted a seltzer that I disliked so much in my life. I’m hesitant to try any other flavors…

  35. Karyn

    The cucumber is very light and refreshing.

  36. Ben

    I love anything watermelon, especially the Polar brand watermelon flavored seltzers, so when I discovered these I was really excited. I got home from TJs and opened a can and it tasted like carbonated watermelon rind with a rancid aftertaste. The smell was of rotten fruit–like a watermelon that had been left out for days in the hot sun. However, I somehow finished the can.
    The next day I opened another can, hoping the first may have just been a bad one… nope! this can was just as rotten and I was not even able to even finish it 🙁
    I think I will save the other 2 cans for a good joke on friends and family. I did find it disturbing that one reviewer claimed they got 2 good batches of watermelon before getting a rotten one. This makes me feel like I truly was drinking carbonated rot…

  37. Emily Lewis

    The water melon is the worst. One sip and I was done. Do not go near this product. It’s as if you drinking a rotten rind. Plus it smells like it too.

  38. Nancy

    Yep, watermelon tastes like bad cucumber. Won’t chance buying other flavors. Not just “not good”—genuinely awful. No option to rate less than than one star, but it is actually in the negative numbers!

  39. V Smith

    My impression of the Watermelon flavor is that it is made with old watermelon and not fresh. That could be what causes the rotten or as one person put it “garbage” taste. It’s so bad, I wouldn’t consider buying anything else from this brand no matter what flavor. Le Croix is a fraction of the cost and sooo much better

  40. SlowMope

    I had the cucumber, it smells and tastes EXACTLY like the rotting cucumber you forgot about in your vegie drawer. I honestly have no idea how a person could think this tasted good enough to sell.

  41. Stephen T Daugherty

    This stuff is horrible!! I had the “grapefruit”…just awful. I had to add my Stevia liquid sweetener just to make palatable!! It’s bitter. It’s tasteless and it won’t make it. The competition? Zevia Zero Calorie Soda. This actually tastes pretty good. Their Dr. Zevita is getting close!! See this? ZERO calories! This Spindrift “grapefruit” is 15 calories.

  42. Susan

    I can’t believe the negative feedback. I’m restricted on sugar and salt, so this is a perfect drink for me — I LOVE the raspberry/lime the most — the cucumber is also great with dinner. While I don’t hate the watermelon, I just would never purchase again. I fear Trader Joe’s will not carry the product in the winter season. I stock up everytime I’m in a Trader Joe’s. I’m so lucky to have 4 stores in my shopping area, although 15-30 miles from home.

    Trader Joe’s is the best!!

  43. Jason

    Really?..I think this is one of the best beverage products I’ve tried in a long time. So rich and full-flavored for having so little sugar and just the right level of carbonation. The bad watermelon reviews are terribly exaggerated in my opinion..While it’s certainly not their best flavor, I’d gladly drink one if I was thirsty! Lemon, raspberry/lime, and blackberry are fantastic.

  44. Bailey

    I just opened the watermelon, and oh my god. The word rancid is right. We live an hour and a half from TJ’s and sojourn every few months with our giant cooler. I’ve probably tried everything in the store. This is a major bummer. I’ll have to drown my sorrows in some pumpkin spice cookie butter.

    I only put one star because it won’t let me put zero.

  45. dave

    the grapefruit is amazing. and obviously i’m not the only one who agrees because the grapefruit is only in stock on the day the truck arrives. 90% of the time i visit the store, the grapefruit is SOLD OUT. The other flavors are always in stock and are also disgusting. please give the people what they want and only order the GRAPEFRUIT flavor. TJ’s sunset

  46. TH

    Blech, +1 to Watermelon being disgusting and nauseating. First noticed it smelt odd, then tasted it and it tasted almost salty and gross, with a slight taste of watermelon, almost exactly like rotting watermelon rinds. 15 mins later and my stomach is grumbling and I feel a bit sick… hope it doesn’t get worse. Returning to the store and reporting it to Spindrift. 🙁

  47. GE

    My sister gave me the watermelon one because she didn’t like it. Surprisingly it smelled and tasted like rotting fruit. Perhaps they should revise the recipe or pull this flavor off the Shelves. .

  48. Jaime

    Awful. I had to look at the can to see if garlic was an ingredient. Tastes rancid. Gross. Returning for grapefruit.

  49. ali

    Have only tried lemon and love it! I don’t care for la Croix and this drink give me the fizzle I miss from sodas. Thank you for the heads up on the watermelon. Was wondering if I should buy a variety pack directly off their site because our TJs only sells lemon and watermelon from what I can tell so far.

  50. Teal

    Bought the watermelon flavor today because I like the grapefruit and was interested in trying other flavors. I was immediately shocked and appalled by the taste of the watermelon flavor. It tasted like garbage and smelled like the musky breath of a stranger. I made no mention of this to my husband so he unknowingly cracked one open when he got home. He immediately threw up his hand in horror.

  51. Jedd

    I am a loyal La Croix fan but saw a case of these at Costco featuring different flavors. Just tried the cucumber and it’s terrible. Way too overpowering instead of a refreshing hint of flavor. Also has odd salty component. Will definitely be throwing those cans out. Hopeful the rest taste better!

  52. Sonal Patel

    Loved it, by far best sparkling soda ever!!!

  53. CM

    Tried the Raspberry/Lime drink recently at my neighbor’s and we are both sick. Stomach cramps and diarrhea. We know it was the drink for sure as that was the only common link.

  54. Anonymous

    After consuming the Rasberry Lime water, I developed a severe gastrointestinal upset, lasting several days. This product should be safety evaluated.

  55. Anonymous

    I used to love these.. until recently when I realized that they are the cause of extreme stomach cramps and diarrhea. Sad that others are experiencing this too.

  56. Anonymous

    Would give zero stars. Causes MAJOR GI issues. I actually like the flavor and it is fine art first and then BAM. So sick. Stay away!

  57. Dee

    The Mango Orange is Amazing, Love it. The Strawberry Lime is good but not quite as good. It is less than half the calories though coming in at 5 calories instead of 12

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