Trader Joe’s Le Delice De Bourgogne Cheese Reviews

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Triple cream soft-ripened cheese from France.


11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Le Delice De Bourgogne Cheese Reviews

  1. NK

    Sin by the slice! This indescribably devine wedge, a handful of the spicy pecans, and a glass of cold Sav Blanc and you are set for concerst in the park, a dinner party with those snobby friends who pronounce “Barcelona” with a “th”, game night with the overly competitive neighbors, or your collegestudenthome for the summer just discovering what amazing food really is about.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Helena’ Ballerina

    I have tried many cheeses over the years, and Le Delice De bourgogne is, by far, the best that my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s become a house staple, thanks to Trader Joe’s on Camelback in Phoenix for carrying our absolute favorite cheese

  4. Anonymous

    It’s to die for – and I finally tried freezing it and it freezes well and makes easier to take the bitter rind off. TJ’s sometimes has trouble getting it due to ships stuck in ports so I buy about 3-4 at a time. Crackers and some dry salame can make a wonderful meal and Zinfandel seems to pair the best with it.

  5. Zoli

    I love cheese… most any cheese.. If I had a choice of three things I could consume.. it would be Bread Cheese and Wine.. I may die young but I would be happy… and moist probably very fat… However… This is THE one and only cheese in my life that has disappointed me…to the point where I threw it out… horrible.. it was like putting a creamy spread of SALT on my bread… That is all I could taste… SALT… I was so disappointed.. truly..

  6. AMP

    I agree with the previous review. Brie is my all time favorite cheese. I was so excited to try this cheese but got let down. It was so salty that I couldn’t enjoy it. Maybe it is just this batch that is so salty? Who knows.

  7. Eric

    I didn’t note the extreme saltiness that other reviewers have reported – I received a wedge of deeply funky, barely-solid incredible cheese. I found this website to figure out if my experience was also distinct – perhaps my sample had aged much further than intended, incidentally creating a wonderful cheese that had the initial bite of a blue cheese (far beyond the usual hint supplied by the rind) that quickly mellowed into the creamy velvet of a conventional brie – but far softer, as if I had let it come up to temp.

    Impressive stuff – perhaps inconsistent, but we’re using bacteria and fungi to cultivate the fat-and-protein containing liquid that certain quadrupedal mammals use to feed their young. It’s already weird – get weirder with it.

  8. Aaron

    I like many strong cheeses, like gruyere, Appenzeller, aged Gouda, le tomme du savoie, and I like traditional brie. I can eat blue cheese in small portions in things. My wife really likes blue cheese. Neither one of us liked this though. She said it was like blue cheese on a bunch of steroids. I thought it was like a strong blue cheese combined with strong foul body odor. Not really salty though, like some people experienced

  9. Bob Kontor

    I enjoy both brie and camembert but this cheese beats them by a mile. Love the funky rind and didn’t notice any saltiness.

  10. Pollyanna

    Love this cheese! Have had multiple guests ask what it is. In my family it’s just known as ‘gooey cheese’

  11. Jill Bellrose

    We love it; we have it with pears and a baguette. Closest we can get to Central France.

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