Trader Joe’s Le Delice De Bourgogne Cheese Reviews

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Triple cream soft-ripened cheese from France.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Le Delice De Bourgogne Cheese Reviews

  1. NK

    Sin by the slice! This indescribably devine wedge, a handful of the spicy pecans, and a glass of cold Sav Blanc and you are set for concerst in the park, a dinner party with those snobby friends who pronounce “Barcelona” with a “th”, game night with the overly competitive neighbors, or your collegestudenthome for the summer just discovering what amazing food really is about.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Helena’ Ballerina

    I have tried many cheeses over the years, and Le Delice De bourgogne is, by far, the best that my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s become a house staple, thanks to Trader Joe’s on Camelback in Phoenix for carrying our absolute favorite cheese

  4. Anonymous

    It’s to die for – and I finally tried freezing it and it freezes well and makes easier to take the bitter rind off. TJ’s sometimes has trouble getting it due to ships stuck in ports so I buy about 3-4 at a time. Crackers and some dry salame can make a wonderful meal and Zinfandel seems to pair the best with it.

  5. Zoli

    I love cheese… most any cheese.. If I had a choice of three things I could consume.. it would be Bread Cheese and Wine.. I may die young but I would be happy… and moist probably very fat… However… This is THE one and only cheese in my life that has disappointed me…to the point where I threw it out… horrible.. it was like putting a creamy spread of SALT on my bread… That is all I could taste… SALT… I was so disappointed.. truly..

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