Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub Reviews

  1. Sally

    This is nice. It feels good and smells wonderful.

  2. Drea

    This was a miss for me. It left a film on my skin perhaps it will work for someone with dry skin.

  3. Anonymous

    Soo good. I have dry skin and this moisturizes so well that I don’t need to use lotion. Also smells very nice 🙂

  4. Rebekah

    Best salt scrub I’ve ever used, including the ones I made myself. It’s great at exfoliating after tanning or after using a pain balm with a waxy base. Wonderful for a hand massage. (Don’t use it for a facial! Salt is not eye-friendly.)
    The thin film, noted in a 2018 review, takes a minute to wash away if you have normal skin (i.e., not dry skin), no more than that. I won’t complain about an extra minute in the shower! When I used to tan in the summers, it was absolutely perfect when I showered off the suntan lotion. YMMV – that’s been my experience with this product for over ten years, though.
    I was introduced to salt scrubs at a dem in a shopping mall many, many years ago at one of the body cream chains. Their now-200g/$30 tub was then 454g/$20. TJ’s remains half the price of the one I first bought decades ago, and it’s 20% larger. Smells as good, leaves my skin feeling as good.

  5. Anonymous

    All natural. No fragrance or additives added. The fragrance you smell is from the lavender, but disappears after rinse. Leaves oily film if you don’t mind that which is good for moisturizing. Great exfoliant.

  6. Violet

    The feeling of the scrub is nice and the scent is relaxing. However, the film it leaves behind is just really annoying for both your skin and your bathtub. Do not recommend unless you feel like scrubbing your bathtub afterwards.

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