Trader Joe’s Korean Style BBQ Sauce Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Korean Style BBQ Sauce Reviews

  1. Theresa Marasia

    I LOVE this but I’m told it’s discontinued. PLEASE tell me how I can buy some.
    Thank you.


    OMG Trader Joes – how could you discontinue the best BBQ sauce you ever had! I am devastated by this – it is now sellingon Amazon for 49.99 a bottle!!

  3. LT

    Disaster. This stuff was amazing. If anyone has a replacement – please mention.

  4. Daryl LoPresti

    I thought I would cry in the store when I was told this sauce had been discontinued! Hoping you’ll reconsider and bring this awesome product back!

  5. Christine S

    Agree with everyone!! Need this back pleeeeease! I used the sauce to make multiple recipes. I miss it!!

  6. Gail

    Bring it back/it’s the best barbecue sauce! Who else has it?

  7. M K

    I LOVE this sauce. Please at least give us a recipe for making it.

  8. Lara Diemont

    Today is my saddest day I don’t live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s, so when I go, I stock up on my favorites. I just used my last bottle of Trader Joe’s Korean BBQ sauce last night, so I made a trip especially for that. Boy, was I sadly surprised when I found out the sauce has been discontinued. Please please please please bring it back!

  9. Mike M.

    My last bottle is half gone. Will miss this item very much. My wife fixes meals that are bland so she can add her own seasoning to her taste. I put this Koren BBQ sauce on a number for meals because it add just enough kick that I like. Please bring it back soon!!!

  10. Kim M.

    Please bring this Korean bbq sauce back! it was the best!

  11. Rhonda

    Please bring back this sauce.

  12. paul bynum

    please bring this back or tell us where to order from the maker. I just saw it for $40 a bottle on eBay. I guess i will have to buy/try all brands now until I find one as versatile as TJ Korean BBQ sauce. I loved it in place of salsa for tortilla chips

  13. James Hamilton

    What were you thinking? This sauce was fabulous. Yes, it is now going for $39.99 a bottle on eBay and they are sold out. Again, please let us know how smart you are by discontinuing your Korean style BBQ sauce? I have worked in customer service and I know that only maybe 1% of your customers who are upset will actually complain to you. I am sure you know that too. Without a good explanation you do not seem smart.

  14. Renee B.

    Went to Trader Joe’s to buy Korean BBQ and learned it’s discontinued!!!
    Please bring it back!!!

  15. Anonymous

    :{ so sad this was discontinued.

  16. Laura D.

    So Trader Joe’s discontinues items that don’t move fast enough? I see. HOWEVER long it takes me to go through a bottle- because a little goes a long way for me- has nothing to do with how much I enjoy this sauce being a part of my life. If there’s another product out there that is comparable, ok…. but this seems not to be the case. Why not make it seasonal or something? This business of discontinuing forever a unique and beloved item is a failure of customer service. Come on, Trader Joe’s, figure out a way!

  17. Courtney Stich

    NOOOOO!!!!!! PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  18. Courtney Stich

    everyone i ever gave this to loved it! Please bringinit back

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  20. Jonas Dauber

    My favorite BBQ sauce. Been trying to find one similar with no luck. Oh well, if I hear it comes back I’ll be back to Trader Joe’s.

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