Trader Joe’s Just Salmon Skin Baked Dog Treats Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Just Salmon Skin Baked Dog Treats Reviews

  1. Kate

    Best treat for my senior pooch! Pure. Really tasty – judging by how much he likes them.

  2. Marcia G

    I agree with the other reviewer! It is a wonderful treat for a senior dog who’s having trouble chewing/digesting those hard jerky treats and doesn’t like the taste of most most dog treats. These are crunchy and thin and my girl loves them. (Does have a slight salmon smell, but that’s to be expected it’s real salmon!)

  3. Jim

    Our 4 dogs love them. They are tasty( I had to try some since I love salmon skin)!!!

  4. Kate

    The BEST dog treat! My puppy is doing leash training. She has a delicate digestive system and I’ve tried so many different treats. This is the only one that does the job. She LOVES them and I also love them because there is only one, single ingredient.

  5. Elvia Mendez

    Omygah!! My doggie LOVED THESE! But TJ’s in Santa Monica on Pico and the others near me have been out of stock since April

  6. Marla Hansen

    Are these coming back? Eugene Oregon has been out for several months.
    They were my pupsters favorite snack.

  7. Becky

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these back!!! My dog LOVES them!!!!

  8. Anita

    My husky loves these! Please bring them back!

  9. Kate

    My dog became extremely ill from eating these treats after a couple of days. $1000 vet later she’s still not back to normal

  10. Ruby

    My yorkie loves them unfortunately she has been sneezing nonstop after eating these and I think they are making her sick. I have to take her to the vet to see if she’s allergic or if this is exacerbating her already existing heart condition. 🙁

  11. Sharon Messick

    My 7 mo old pup loved them so much i cut them up for training treats. My older dog and she both had diarrhea the next day and my pup is now vomitting.

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