Trader Joe’s Italian Tiramisu Reviews

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Layers of mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger biscuits, and coffee. Comes with two individual tiramisu.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Tiramisu Reviews

  1. Lauran Murphy

    I’m disappointed. I found this tiramisu to be far too soggy on the bottom and bitter from the coffee. I can’t even taste the marsala, possibly because the coffee overwhelms it. I’ve had quite decent frozen tiramisu from a grocer in Italy but this doesn’t meet that mark, sadly. Two stars only because it is better than the previous tiramisu torte.

  2. Tom

    Amazing taste and the package I got was not soggy or bitter at all.

  3. KK

    I absolutely love tiramisu and have had some from many different places and this is by far the worst. It was drowned in coffee, I couldn’t even taste the mascarpone because it was so overpowering. Not to mention it was pretty soggy and had coffee leftover on the bottom, and there is so much cocoa powder on these things that it coats the entire inside of the bag and makes a huge mess when opening and you’ll have to put it on a plate. Extremely disappointing, never will eat it again.

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